Esotericism: present and ancestral history of humanity

Esotericism has a long and complex history that goes back to ancient civilizations. Many of the practices and beliefs that are considered part of esotericism today have their roots in ancient spiritual and philosophical traditions from around the world. One of the earliest forms of esotericism was Gnosticism, a philosophical and spiritual movement that arose … Read more

Coronavirus and conspiracies: what role do esotericism and spirituality play? | DW | 30.12.2021

Not only ultra-rightists, but also people from different social groups, are demonstrating against the measures adopted to contain the coronavirus. Among them there are also esoterics, people for whom self-knowledge and self-realization play a central role. To achieve these objectives there are many paths: astrology, meditation, reiki or yoga. Let’s clarify: meditation and yoga have … Read more

Astrology, magic jewelry, gurus… Behind the business of esotericism, a real thirst for spirituality

The market for esotericism is flourishing. A curious commercial alchemy that hides a real aspiration to spirituality. Decryption. Astrology (celestial configurations), numerology (properties of numbers), lithotherapy (benefits of stones), tarotoracles, shamanism, vipassana meditation are not new beliefs and practices. But in recent years, they have crystallized the different faces of the sacred in our Western … Read more

Prehistoric spirituality? When behind archeology esotericism “sneaks in” with the consent of the Dominicans

The guru in Spain of a New Age meditation group has given a lecture in a Dominican cultural space. What is the complaint that we make public? On November 23, O_Lumen, a “space for the arts and the word” that the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) has in Madrid, hosted a conference whose title drew attention: … Read more

Meet the #Witchtok: esotericism and witchcraft sweep social networks

“Witch”: what comes to mind when you read that word? To many, perhaps, the classic image of an old woman with a hooked and warty nose and a peaked hat flying on a broom. To others, some empowered woman and singled out for it. To others, a gypsy with a crystal ball and tarot cards. … Read more

The Salamanca district: epicenter of esotericism

Well known is the Salamanca district of Madrid, and not only because it is home to the most exclusive shops or the most refined restaurants in the capital. Historically, illustrious personalities from the world of politics, the arts and the aristocracy have passed and lived through its streets. A neighborhood, also, associated with tradition, also … Read more

Jesus Christ Unveiled: Revelations on Christian and Catholic Esotericism

For some time now, the collective conscience has demanded something new and close to the modernity of the times, which are no longer those of myths and blind faith based on sacred texts, often not very credible and lacking in historical and scientific evidence. The Church, anchored in its dogmas and reluctant to give up … Read more

Esotericism or Satanism? The book by Depalma and De Lisio investigates mysterious practices

The authors Depalma and De Lisio © nc Esotericism. In itself it is already a magical word, which evokes ancient and often unknown practices. Practices with a religious flavor allowed to a select few, difficult to understand for most. We have perhaps learned more by reading “The Da Vinci Code” lucky book first, and film … Read more