Maduro’s economic model is much older than sanctions and the oil blockade

Maduro’s economic model has not only been economic; It implied, from the beginning, political changes and social conduct, that is, changes in the spirituality of the Chavista masses, in the mass that now serves as the electoral base for Maduro and Madurismo. With Chávez dead, flirting with businessmen and cheating with the cheap dollar, the … Read more

Renewable energies to stop the economic crisis in Lebanon

Thirty kilometers north of Beirut, in Lebanon, far from the chaos of the capital, stands the Mar Nohra Monastery of the Antonian Maronite Order. A place of worship, abandoned for centuries and then renovated a few years ago, whose walls exude history and spirituality, and where the monastic community, now stable and fertile in new … Read more

The ecological and economic fight will be long and painful, but it will restore all of Man’s dignity.

We know very well today, we feel it deep within ourselves, that we can no longer continue to live in a world like ours. Our conscience alerts us. The climate crisis and the energy crisis are tipping1 a long-ill system that experienced the first acute symptoms of its illness in 2008 during the global financial … Read more

Jiang Zemin, flag bearer of China’s period of strong economic growth, dies

Jiang Zemin, president of the People’s Republic of China between 1993 and 2003, died at the age of 96 in Shanghai, according to Chinese official media. The Chinese giant thus loses a key figure in the great national economic boom of the 1990s, which took place just after the controversy aroused by the massacre in … Read more

Familiarization workshop with the standard forms of incorporation of private WAQFS in Niger: Popularization of the standard documents of the institution with economic operators

The High Authority of the WAQF organized yesterday morning, a familiarization workshop with the standard forms of constitution of the private waqf at the place of the economic operators, and Nigerien investors. This workshop aims to educate economic operators on the constitution and the WAQF concept. It thus consecrates the popularization of standard WAQF documents … Read more

Economic private tarot from home: private tarot reader and private seer house without cabinet | Canariasenred

Economic private tarot from home, private tarot reader and very particular seer who responds from home and does so without an office. With this very particular tarot you will be able to have a good and reliable consultation. The tarot without private cabinet, is called to be that service that provides the best comfort for … Read more

“mandala art” breaks out against autism and is a window to economic recovery

The “mandala art” has penetrated the West for a long time, but its healing engine with its circles and figures that seek to represent the macrocosm and microcosm -as they saw it in Hinduism and Buddhism- celebrates with revelations that it exhibits the Mandala Fest, the first great exhibition of artists who capture their feelings … Read more

Libra October 6, 2022, today the free daily horoscope, exposes the economic love spells in Albacete, and talks about Libra and how to seduce him

The horoscope for Libra today Thursday, October 6, 2022, it will give you to find fascinating things that you did not expect. Today you can know what Libra is like and how to seduce him. CHATESOTERICO.COM, is the portal you need to succeed definitively. Join this community now and discover your full potential, true spirituality … Read more

Economic Tarot: Recognize a good cheap and reliable tarot, advice and guidance

Choose your trusted clairvoyant It can be a difficult process, since it is about choosing the ideal person who will help you with the deepest problems of your soul and that will bring inner peace what you need through spirituality. Here’s how you can recognize a good cheap and reliable tarot with our tips and … Read more

The redesign of the economic regime of marriage in Cuba, diversity and pluralism

Evoking the institution of marriage implies a first and practically involuntary association with issues such as the community of affections, love, spirituality, passionate feelings and a whole series of emotions that remain on the plane of subjectivity. However, marriage has an economic or patrimonial component as important as the personal content and which is responsible … Read more