At 103 years and 3 months, Mother Margherita Riolo concluded her earthly life.

At 103 years and 3 months, Mother Margherita Riolo concluded her earthly life. He finished his earthly life and began, at the same time eternal life, which never ends. And if we think about it, it really is like this, wanting to take the opportunity to remember that this truth is the only exception, which … Read more

Earthly good: the editorial of the director of Terra Nuova

Here is the complete text of the editorial by the director of Terra Nuova, Nicholas Bawtree, published in the January issue of the magazine . “Construction of the largest radio astronomy observatory in the world began in Australia in December. It will serve to expand the boundaries of our knowledge, to trace the birth and … Read more

“The cycle of the earthly life of our brother Nioussire Kalala Omutunde has come to an end” By Le Shemsu Maât Grégoire Biyogo. |

Grégoire Biyogo, political scientist, philosopher, Egyptologist. President of the International Committee of African Scholars and Experts (CISEA). He passed away in peace as an immortal in the Amenti among the solar ancestors in the fields of Ialou (the domain of the blessed and Kem Ur). I-THE WONDERFUL ACCOMPLISHMENT OF HIS MISSION ON EARTH. 1-This Mission, … Read more

Full of Light. The earthly Mary by Giuseppe Gianì

The narration of the sacred, in Christian-Catholic spirituality, has been entrusted to iconography over the centuries. Biblical scenes beautifully decorate the vaults and arches of our churches. Images and symbols, even before their artistic value, were designed with a view to a pedagogy of peoples, an education to the major events of sacred history. Their … Read more