Consideration of dreams that become challenges

Going from an existentialist state (material) to an essentialist state (spirit), requires a change of model in people’s lives, based on the experience acquired, from a formal or empirical perspective. The materialism that is based on the acquisition of goods and services, expressed by the existentialist doctrine, will mean a constant practice for the young … Read more

David Bowie’s Matter of Dreams on display in Turin

The poetic, reckless and very modern performances of Buster Keaton’s imperturbable face have much in common with the chameleon-like ones of David Bowie, capable of growing, changing to remain himself. Two brilliant outsiders, with a great talent for visual body language and an uncommon sense for rhythm and spectacle. Both ready to make every performance … Read more

‘Weaving dreams’: a poetic experience with Patti Smith

weaving dreams It is the second book of the famous rocker patty smith that we analyze in Las Furias Magazine. After having fallen in love with his writing with we were kidswe reach for the shelf and take this beautiful book published eight years earlier. The first captivated us for its heartfelt and honest account … Read more

Weaving dreams!

The opinions expressed by columnists are your total and absolute personal responsibilitydoes not compromise the editorial or journalistic line of LA CRÓNICA SAS On February 03 of this year, we inaugurated, in the Diocese of Armenia, the program ‘Weaving Dreams of Hope’ aimed at children and adolescents in vulnerable situations. Eight months have passed and … Read more

Oscar Grullón: The maker of images and the builder of dreams

The film industry in capitalism has the purpose of profit, of the reproduction of capital and to strengthen the current social system, through the alienation of popular sectors, hiding social contradictions and reproducing false utopias. They allow exceptions for marketing interests, induced by the preferences of the public. At the end of the 1960s, young … Read more

Nikola Tesla, the life of the great visionary between inventions and dreams

The novel was recently released by the types of the Bordeaux publishing house in Rome Tesla by the Serbian writer Vladimir Pištalo. Review After being translated into about twenty languages, the novel Tesla, portret među maskama [Tesla, ritratto tra le maschere] by the Serbian writer Vladimir Pištalo, for some months it has also been available … Read more