The Dominican Republic and Haiti in Historical Trance

by Jean Garry DenisPort au Prince, Haiti Friday, December 23, 2022 ((– Following Ambassador Lockward’s article entitled: The Dominican Republic is at War against Haiti, I wanted to carry out an essentially academic debate imbued with respect and cordiality for readers wishing to deepen the common history of the two countries in according to our … Read more

They assure the III Summit of Governance and Spirituality is a response to the needs of Dominican society

They assure the III Summit of Governance and Spirituality is a response to the needs of Dominican society EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO.- Pastors Teófilo Alcántara and José Aníbal Martínez, members of the organizing committee of the III International Summit on Governance and Spirituality, stated that this international event is a response to the needs … Read more

Dominican Episcopate celebrates 60 years of its official constitution

Santo Domingo. – The Dominican Episcopate Conference (CED) celebrated its 60th anniversary of foundation, this Thursday, September 22, with a Eucharist and a meeting attended by bishops, collaborators and executive secretaries of the National Pastoral Commissions that make up the institution. Although it existed since 1954 as the National Episcopal Commission of the Dominican Republic, … Read more

Tradition of choral groups remains in force in the Dominican Republic

Over the years, Dominican choral groups have become a benchmark for spirituality and social unification. Despite the fact that since their inception they have had hidden presentations, and many of them have taken refuge in the religious community as a symbol of raising their prayers through unanimous voices, the choirs remain valid on stage. Their … Read more

Taggia: Ukraine emergency, from 30 September the reception at the Dominican Convent will stop

From 30 September the Dominican Convent will stop welcoming refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. The decision has two direct consequences: families who want to stay in the area will have to find alternative accommodation and the structure of the Diocese of Ventimiglia San Remo will resume its regular activities, as early as October. “For … Read more