Four hot springs to discover around San Francisco

It’s often overlooked, but many hot springs flow through the San Francisco area. Selection of four renowned establishments where you can take advantage of their benefits. Guaranteed relaxation… and a great gift idea for Mother’s Day on Sunday May 14! Vichy Springs Resort in Ukiah Two hours north of SF is one of California’s oldest … Read more

“Alexander the Great, the making of a myth”: the exhibition to discover at the British Library

“Alexander the Great, the making of a myth” at the British Library or how cultures and religions around the world have built a fabulous fiction around a hero, used for their own ends. Alexander the Great, the making of a myth, the entire exhibition finds its justification in its title alone. Born in Macedonia, in … Read more

The Strange Story of the Woodcutter: 3 reasons to discover this little surreal nugget

The Strange Story of the Woodcutter is in theaters since January 4, and it is a very beautiful curiosity to discover. The proof in three points. Occasional readers, who browse Ecran Large for its pop culture side, will perhaps be surprised to see the editorial staff supporting a UFO such as The Strange Story of … Read more

A selection of French series or single fiction to discover in 2023 on TV channels or platforms.

Below, the first of two parts of a selection of unpublished French fiction expected on TV channels or platforms in 2023, or during the September 2023 – June 2024 season. *** Link (Apple+) This is Apple’s first French series produced by Léonis Productions (Jean-Benoît Gillig) and co-produced by Ringside Studios (Gub Neal). This Franco-English thriller … Read more

Happy New Year 2023! Discover the wishes of the winners of the “Pèlerin du…

Pauline Wald – 2022 – Walking towards its essential. Inner journey on the way to Compostela (Eyrolles) Three emergencies to note on our roadmap for 2023? 1) Slow down to better listen to the messages of your intuition and your heart.2) Ask yourself how to love, help and thus play your own musical note in … Read more

“With Louis Pasteur, we discover that ‘a lot of science’ leads back to God”

“A little science leads away from God; a lot of science goes back to that. » Francis Bacon, English philosopher of the Renaissance, is at the origin of this thought (1) enigmatic by its simplicity and its symmetry. On December 27, we will celebrate the bicentenary of the birth, in 1822, of Louis Pasteur, who … Read more

Discover our Autumn Notebook

What Christianity to come? Already a subscriber? You can consult the Cahier online at To not miss any issue, subscribe! Contents of our Autumn Notebook Today A European quarterWhat Christianity to come?– Christianity still in crisis– Religion in the West– Christianity, the end of a religion?– Christianity or the Kingdom?– Places to hope– Should we … Read more

5 comedy shows to discover at La Cigale at the start of the school year

Having become a major player in the production of shows in France, Ki M’aime Me Suive was born in 2005. With eclecticism as its singularity, Ki M’aime Me Suive makes every effort to generate emotions with an audience that he cherishes. From alone on stage to plays and concerts, the team works hard to bring … Read more

Three historical routes to discover the deep American footprints of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has a long and enriching history shared with the American continent, forged over centuries of movement of people, knowledge and goods from the other side of the Atlantic. This constant back and forth flow is essential to achieve a rich and complex understanding of the current configuration of the region. But … Read more