The actor who was about to die after losing more than 15 kilos

This is a space for free and independent expression that exclusively reflects the authors’ points of view and does not compromise the thinking or opinion of Las2orillas. The remembered Naren Daryanani has worked in several productions, however, his role as Federico in Parents and children left a mark on the memory of the millennials who … Read more

“Despite knowing that we are going to die, we prefer not to talk about it”

The death it is something intrinsic to the very nature of life but currently it makes the simple fact of mentioning it uncomfortable. Throughout history, the humanity he has asked himself questions about the matter and has perceived death in very different ways. the ancients greek philosophersWhat Platothey considered that body and soul they were … Read more

Euthanasia: Could we soon choose to “die with dignity”?


Will we soon witness one of the greatest societal reforms of Emmanuel Macron’s second five-year term? Without revealing the outlines, the President of the Republic announced that he wanted to pass a law on the end of life after a broad citizen consultation. Euthanasia: towards a citizens’ convention and a law in 2023 via @Le … Read more

we only have to die


07/06/202207/05/2022 Image by DeSa81 from Pixabay The game is over. The world comes to an end. Not only the lighting after the industrial and French revolutions, which have given rise to the economy and politics that we have, because the global vocation of the West, one of its most important characteristics, has its most recognizable … Read more

What did Fernando del Solar die of? This is the aggressive cancer that he suffered from


What did Fernando del Solar die of? The 49-year-old presenter had been fighting Hodgkin’s lymphoma for years, an aggressive cancer characterized by disproportionate cell growth and difficult to treat. Departed June 30, 2022. Fernando del Solar, born in Argentina and naturalized Mexican, revealed in 2012 that he had been diagnosed with this cancer that is … Read more

A director imagines a Japan where the elderly volunteer to die


TOKYO — Japanese film director Chie Hayakawa was hatching an idea for a screenplay when she decided to test her premise on her mother’s elderly friends and other acquaintances. His question: If the government sponsored a euthanasia program for people 75 and older, would you consent? “Most people were very positive about it,” Hayakawa said. … Read more