Santé mentale: la spiritualité aide à combattre la dépression !

D’après certaines études, la spiritualité serait un très bon outil afin de combattre la dépression. Dans une ère dans laquelle la santé mentale préoccupe énormément, une étude vient de mettre le doigt sur une nouvelle manière de lutter contre la dépression. MCE TV vous explique tout de A à Z ! La santé mentale : … Read more

In Luxembourg: Rute went from depression to starting a business

Published26 November 2022, 09:00 In Luxembourg: Rute went from depression to starting a business ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE – Saved from depression by spirituality, a resident of Esch-sur-Alzette has chosen to market products that have helped her heal. 1 / 6 Vincent Lescaut Vincent Lescaut Vincent Lescaut “The Covid-19 pandemic was a chance for me,” says Rute Baio. … Read more

“Depression changes the lives of those who suffer from it”

The next few days will be held in Sanlúcar de Barrameda the II National Conference on Pain and Palliative Care with the aim of dealing with topics of interest to professionals of Primary Care and of course from patients and relatives. Everyone has a place in these conferences, they are solidarity dayswhere all initiatives and … Read more

LSD to alleviate depression or anxiety

For twenty years, the therapeutic use of psychedelic substances has been revived within the scientific community. Despite the prohibition of psychotropic drugs, research demonstrates their effectiveness in alleviating depression or anxiety disorders.

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Cancer Patients: The Effects of Religion on Depression Levels

A study by Kavak Budak and colleagues (2021) sought to determine the effect of religious beliefs and spirituality in general on depression and hopelessness in cancer patients at an advanced stage. Advertisement The prevalence of cancer is increasing day by day; in 2012, a total of 14.1 million new cancer cases were recorded and 8.2 … Read more