Benin: Catholic faithful intensify prayers for their deceased in November

A young man in meditation on a grave under the blazing sun of November 1 at the PK 14 cemetery in Cotonou/Juste Hlannon/LCA News facts A month of great spiritual fervor around the memory of the deceased, November is an opportunity for many faithful Beninese to go and pray at the graves of their deceased … Read more

Moria Casán: “When people see me they don’t know if I’m a Porcel movie, the Deceased Correa or Indio Solari.” | The One puts her body

Every weekend in Mataderos, the homeland where her anthological “dancing panther” came from, Rita Turdero, Moria Casán shines with a singular and intense light of her own, nothing less than the Julius Caesar of William Shakespeare in the free version of José María Muscari. A historical-literary personality that seems tailor-made for the public figure of … Read more