Cuban santeros foresee diseases, natural disasters and crimes in 2023

Havana, 1 Jan. The Religious Institution “Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba” predicts an increase in diseases, crime and alcoholism by 2023, in addition to warning about a necessary change of mentality in favor of the development of new socioeconomic perspectives on the island. A group of Cuban Santeria priests or “babalawos” met last New Year’s … Read more

A Cuban painter from the eighties

In the 80s of the last century, a unique phenomenon took place in Havana, absolutely unprecedented in the country’s culture. It made its irruption in the plastic arts, extending itself, almost immediately, to other manifestations, especially literature. And it was characterized by its enormous strength and creativity, and by the depth of its controversies, which … Read more

Cuban President votes in a referendum on the Family Code

🗳️ | President @DiazCanelB already exercised his right to vote in the Popular Referendum of the #CodeOfTheFamilies.#CodeYes 🇨🇺 — Cuba Presidency 🇨🇺 (@PresidenciaCuba) September 25, 2022 At the end of the process, he told the press that it is going to be an intense day, which we arrived at as a result of … Read more

The guayabera, Cuban Heritage, in the creative ideology of Jordi Leal

Guayaberas by Jordi Leal by Jorge Rivas Rodriguez For the young fashion designer Jordi Leal, it is inconceivable that in the Mexican state of Puebla, it has become customary for men to attend weddings dressed in guayaberas as a gala, nor that in Yucatan, where there are dozens of workshops where these garments are made … Read more

Cuban researcher laments crisis of values ​​on the island due to blockade and pandemic

Standing in the center of the small auditorium, Marlene Vázquez, director of the Center for Martian Studies, spoke with a broken voice and tears on the verge of welling up. In a few sentences, she referred to the situation in her country, Cuba, which carries long years of economic blockade and a crisis that the … Read more