Cuban santeros foresee diseases, natural disasters and crimes in 2023

Havana, 1 Jan. The Religious Institution “Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba” predicts an increase in diseases, crime and alcoholism by 2023, in addition to warning about a necessary change of mentality in favor of the development of new socioeconomic perspectives on the island. A group of Cuban Santeria priests or “babalawos” met last New Year’s … Read more

Report: CCP Plays Significant Role in Multiple Transnational Crimes

The Chinese communist regime plays a significant role in several types of transnational crimes, according to a report by a Washington-based think tank. The Global Financial Integrity report has helped to highlight issues relating to the forced labor and intellectual property infringement. The regime itself engages in criminal activities, the report says (pdf) entitled “China’s … Read more

“From the ancient altars to the cult of Satan” to the “intensive course of esoteric crimes and destructive cults” by criminologist Sergio Caruso

Friday 28 October, from 5 to 8 pm – during the Psycho-juridical Interdisciplinary Training course entitled “Intensive course esoteric crimes and destructive cults, mental manipulation in cults: analysis of real cases”Held by the well-known criminologist of Calabrian origins, Sergio Caruso – the scholar and expert Antonia Depalma will speak. The writer’s intervention will focus mainly … Read more

France 3 stops the series “Perfect crimes” and “Pray to investigate”

Changes in sight in the fiction line-up of France Télévisions. In a river interview given yesterday to “Allocinated”*, Anne Holmes, director of programs for France Télévisions, announced the end of production of the successful series “Prière d’Enquêter” and “Crimes parfaits”. Read also Series Success of “Mongeville” on C8: TMC in turn offers itself a series … Read more

Cannes 75. Cronenberg upsets with “Crimes of the Future”, surgery replaces sex and becomes a show (by T. Marchesi)

It was among the most anticipated films of Cannes “Crimes of the Future”, a testament, apparently, of the seventy-nine year old cult David Cronenberg eight years after his last “Maps of the Stars”. In the key of funeral science fiction, both philosophical and extreme (as already in his “Stereo” and “eXistenZ”) the Canadian master reflects … Read more

“Crimes against spirituality” do not exist, but “crimes against humanity” are criminalized in international law

The sanctioned Rosario Murillo classified the alleged actions of Monsignor Rolando Álvarez as a crime of against spirituality Nicaraguan legislation does not have any crime classified as a “crime against spirituality” as explained by human rights defense attorneys Yonarqui Martínez and Gonzalo Carrión to 100% Noticias. On August 5, the sanctioned vice president of Nicaragua … Read more