The archbishop presents his pastoral plan for Seville: five years to continue evangelization

The Archbishop of Seville, Jose Angel Saiz Menesespresented this Sunday during the evening mass at the Cathedral his first Diocesan Pastoral Plan for the Archdiocese of Seville. A project that intends to serve as an orientation “to all of us who carry out the performance of the pastoral task in our beloved Archdiocese, and in … Read more

REPAM: continue the common ideal of service to the people of God in the Amazon

It is about “working in a network that day by day weaves the future of our land in different spaces and realities with common care through an integral ecology as the encyclical Laudato si, inspiration for our doing and living, asks us” It is about “working in a network that day by day weaves the … Read more

GAiN Europe 2022. Continue forward


Adventist communicators reflect on how to connect with others despite limitations. Adventist News – October 15 was a special Saturday for over 180 Adventist media leaders and experts gathered in Bucharest, Romania, for GAiN Europe (Global Adventist Internet Network). Testimonies, songs, a deeper understanding of Scripture and reflection on the implications of being an Adventist … Read more

Antonio Castillo: “The Palliative Care Sessions are being a success and we will continue”


This October 26, at 4:30 p.m., the Cádiz-born actress and presenter Paz Padilla Díaz has attended the VIII Conference on Palliative Care in Melilla, and has given a talk, called “Spirituality and humanization at the end of life’, recounting her own personal experience with the death of her husband Antonio Juan Vidal, where she has … Read more

The 2022 tattoo trend across 7 distinct styles that promise to continue their upward momentum


Tattoos have never been more popular than in recent years! And it’s actually not too surprising, given that it is an art form accessible to a large number of people that is at the same time personal and customizable. Ancient and modern at the same time, the tattoo art does not stop evolving and the … Read more

Iran: proteste continue ma il regime resta rigido | Il Bo Live UniPD


Proteste a Tehran, foto di Wana News Agency per Reuters Stiamo davvero ascoltando? La comunità internazionale è consapevole dell’importanza di cosa sta accadendo in Iran? Eppure continua a salire altissimo il grido delle donne iraniane, la loro richiesta di libertà, del rispetto dei loro diritti, contro qualsiasi obbligo, contro la violenza. Sono due settimane che … Read more

Synod: The Church must continue to enrich its journey with the voice of the People of God


After the presentation of the Summary of the first stage of the Synod to the Holy See, the sub-secretary of the CEA shared with AICA some of the conclusions and steps to follow. Recently, the Argentine Episcopal Conference released the document that summarizes what was worked on in the first stage of the Synod in … Read more

23 years after the death of Jaime Garzón: artistic expressions about his life continue


Twenty-three years after his death, Alfredo Garzón, brother of Jaime Garzón, will launch a graphic novel about the reasons that led to the murder of the famous character. Jaime Hernando Garzon Forero, the journalist, broadcaster, pedagogue, actor, lawyer, among his many faces and professions, titles, anecdotes and audiovisual records, is remembered forever, but every August … Read more

The sordid elements of the Depp/Heard trial continue to emerge: fabricated evidence and treatment for erectile dysfunction


The sealed exhibits of the over-publicized trial between the two stars have been revealed: photos whose authenticity is highly questioned, but also elements of Johnny Depp’s medical file that Amber Heard’s lawyers wanted to use in the context of the case… In the wake of the numerous documents revealed in recent days on the defamation … Read more