Impacts and coping: notes on the Truth Commission report

On July 29, the report on impacts, coping and resistance was presented. An unprecedented section in a truth commission. This document consolidates four explanatory theses about the deep impacts that the armed conflict in Colombia unleashed and the numerous actions to face violence, its mechanisms of terror and dehumanization. Although identifying the patterns and dynamics … Read more

Truth Commission: the key points of the ethnic chapter of the Final Report

The victims of Bojayá together with the “mutilated Christ” on their way to the new Bellavista mausoleum to pay tribute to their relatives, 20 years after the massacre. Photo: Carlos Rosas – Mauricio Alvarado Colonial treatment and structural racism. Those are two of the crucial concepts that the Truth Commission in his investigation to reveal … Read more

An unprecedented Truth Commission in the world

Ethnic peoples were the population that gave the most testimonies to the Truth Commission. / EFE One day left for the Truth Commission deliver to the country its Final Report, a document that summarizes the more than three years of mandate of this institution that seeks to explain to the country the origins and reasons … Read more