British actor who climbed in Antarctica disappeared while hiking in California

Popular in the ’80s for playing “Warlock, the wizard”, the 65-year-old artist was one of the great stars of the big screen who visited Magallanes before the madness for Patagonia, Antarctica and social networks. As an anecdote, a Magellanic journalist recounts that in January 1996, getting on the elevator of a Magellanic hotel, he found … Read more

Javi Martín’s descent into hell (‘Caiga Quien Caiga’): “One day I climbed on a railing and wanted to jump”

javier martin (Madrid, 1972) was the most rebellious face of an already daring program, ‘Caiga quien caya’. With a self-confidence typical of his age (she was 24 when it aired), she got actors, singers and even kings to put on the mythical black glasses. She surrounded herself with celebrities, and he was one of them. … Read more