The assassination of Chávez is in progress, the gringo in Petropiar confirms it

The assassination of the Commander was not a loose piece, on the contrary, it is part of a long-term plan designed by a team of specialists, scientists, political scientists, psychologists, and even psychics, who report to the highest levels of the gringo government. Participants in the plan have various grades. In the first degree there … Read more

Mexico: the University of Guadalajara awards an Honoris Causa doctorate to Fray Gabriel Chávez de la Mora

The University of Guadalajara awarded on November 9 the Doctorate Honoris Causa to Fray Gabriel Chávez de la Mora OSB, architect 92 years old, who is the first graduate of that career in that house of studies. According to information from the Archdiocese of Guadalajara, Fray Gabriel finished his speech of thanks for receiving the … Read more

To desert the fight against the logic of capital is to betray Chavez

If we wanted to summarize the thought of Comandante Chávez in a single sentence, this would be: “The Struggle Against the Logic of Capital”. Everything, his political testament, the Plan of the Fatherland, his last actions, his speeches lead to this phrase. Substituting the logic of capital, the spirit, the ideality, the conscience, the conduct … Read more