Gem of The Box Challenge: we put ourselves in the shoes of the former participant

the step of Gem for him The Box Challenge left a big markboth for the participants and for the Colombians, in whom it generated love and hatred, but which taught them a lesson and a way of seeing life from gratitude and love, without ceasing to be human full of emotions that are necessary to … Read more

Tristán and Isolde, an eternal challenge

No.It is neither the most performed nor the most famous of operas, but this four-hour musical drama is perhaps the greatest challenge to the classical repertoire for its intellectual ambition and musical significance. In a semi-staged concert version, the challenge increases. This is the fourth time that Real has shown it in two decades and … Read more

Spirituality. This is why mindfulness can challenge Christian believers

WikiCommons In the West, the phenomenon of disaffection with historical religious traditions is increasingly spreading. In this sense, there has recently been talk of the “none”, that is, those who claim to have no religious affiliation. At the same time, we are witnessing the rapid affirmation of individual and community practices centered on inner refinement, … Read more

2023, a challenge for youth institutions

Gregorio GuitianDean of the Faculty of Theology In these days, Christians have lived the “Advent”, to celebrate the arrival of Christ. That arrival of the Savior has already been definitive for D. José Morales Marín, professor emeritus of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Navarra, who has just been called to the Father’s … Read more

Avatar 2, the production designer on the look of the Tulkun: ‘Making them was a design challenge’

Avatar – The Waterway is conquering the box office but the challenges to achieve it were neither few nor simple, far from it. In a new interview, the production designer of James Cameron’s film, Dylan Coletalked about one of the countless challenges his team faced, namely the making of Tulkuns, which play a crucial role. … Read more

Ruggero Cappuccio: «My double challenge from the theater to the cinema»

He has just finished shooting «Shakespea-King of Naples», based on his play of the same name, still performed after 29 years. Another film by him, “The smile of San Giovanni”, which he directed together with Nadia Baldi, participates in the “Torino film festival” and will be screened today, out of competition. Roger Hood, just seen … Read more

A synodal book: “Profession and integral ecology challenge and passion”

Will we change with the pandemic or will we continue the same? This book gives an account of how the pandemic has served as a challenge for professionals who are questioning the experience of their faith in the midst of the world and their professions. Throughout this three-year period, his reflection and action on integral … Read more

San Marino 2022. The challenge of spirituality to encourage an “adoptive fertility”

Share Tweet Share Whatsapp Messenger Even in adoption, the discovery or rediscovery of a spirituality can represent a great wealth: discovering ourselves loved “forever” by a Father, despite everything, to welcome and know how to love “forever” our children Massimo and Marialuisa Cecchetti, they define themselves as Venetians by birth and international parents by “adoption”. … Read more

HBO Max: “Mom for a while”, the challenge of knowing how to say goodbye

The Day of the Dead is by far one of the most colorful traditions in our country, but also one of the festivities that lends itself the most to humor, starting from the sensitivity and respect that the subject deserves, and he knows that very well. filmmaker Noe Santillánwho in his most recent film “Mom … Read more