120 years after the birth of Jaime Galté

By Sergio Salinas Canas In Jaime Galté Carré there are three broad lines of development: ethics, concerned with the set of norms that dignify human behavior; the philosophical, not to philosophize but for the validity of fundamental principles and values; and initiation, as a spiritual experience of change from one stage of life to another, … Read more

Birth of Jesus: Christic Revelation of the True Nature of Man

Saturday, December 24, 2022 ((rezonodwes.com))– To say that Jesus, the Incarnate Divine Word, came to show us God, is correct; but this, from the beginning, the Word even not yet incarnate, has assiduously, tirelessly accomplished through the theophanies – these divine manifestations which are the universe and its content constituting Creation -, the interventions of … Read more

First centenary of the birth of Fernando Rielo, founder of the Idente missionaries

On December 6, the centenary of the birth of Fernando Rielo Pardal, founder of the Idente missionaries, began. It is the date of his transit that took place in New York on that date in 2004, since his birth into his life occurred on August 28, 1923. The idente community of Seville begins this centenary … Read more

The Perosi Festival continues with the Passion according to St. Mark to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Don Lorenzo Perosi

The Perosi Festival it doesn’t stop. After the success of the first two appointments on the bill and the unscheduled event on the occasion of the National Convention of the Italian Association of Santa Cecilia, the festival dedicated to the Tortonese priest and composer, in the year of the 150th anniversary of his birth, continues … Read more

150 years since the birth of the sculptor František Bílek, whose family villa materializes his spiritual concepts

Frantisek Bilek|Photo: Rozpravy Aventina, volume 6/1930-1931, Akademie věd/Wikimedia Commons, public domain In Czech society of the late 19th and first half of the 20th century, František Bílek stood out for his profound spirituality. Most of his works depict religious motifs. There is a crucifix he carved in the nave of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague … Read more

Kairo Herrera’s birth chart; a leonine marked by creative energy

Exclusive Content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers subscribe know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canSign in with your username and password. Kairo Herrera was born in Montevideo on Sunday, August 2, 1970 with the sun and the moon … Read more

The celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad: What message for Senegal? (By Dr. Moustapha Fall)

From his birth in 510 until his death in 632, the Prophet of Islam never ceased to work to perfect his character and that of all humanity for which he was sent. Through the narrated hadiths and by Al-bukhârî in “Al-adab Al-mufrad” (273) and Ahmad Ibn Hanbal in Musnad (2/381), the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) declared … Read more

The skin, the feeling of tickling and the birth of consciousness

The surface of the body, the skin, is this year’s theme at the Festival of Spirituality in Turin, where I will tell something about tickling and conscience. There is this phrase from Freud that I like very much: “The ego is ultimately derived from bodily sensations, especially from the sensations coming from the surface of … Read more

The Toulousain Bernard Werber nervous “like a dad who has just given birth to a baby” for his 32nd book

This is his 32nd book. And it has sold millions of copies around the world. However, the Toulouse writer Bernard Werber is always apprehensive when releasing a new book. He publishes this Wednesday “The Diagonal of the Queens” : the story of two women, two geniuses of chess, that everything opposes. Between wars, terrorist attacks … Read more