FIFAM 2022: Meeting with the authors of La Guerre des Lulus | LeMagduCine

This Sunday, FIFAM previewed The Lulus War, adaptation by Yann Samuell of the eponymous comic strip, which narrates the wanderings of four young orphan boys whose destiny is turned upside down by the beginning of the “der des ders”. Meeting with the two authors from Amiens, the cartoonist Hardoc and the screenwriter Régis Hautière, but … Read more

Influencers Bea Córdova and Belén Soto will be part of the Santiago Authors Festival (FAS)

The Santiago Authors Festival (FAS) returns to face-to-face with more than one hundred activities at the Las Condes Cultural Center. Anxiety, body positivity and self-love in times of social networks are some of the topics that will be addressed at the event. The Santiago Authors Festival (FAS) returns free of charge and in the open … Read more

The most outstanding authors of late medieval European spirituality, under study at the UCV


The IVEMIR-Catholic University of Valencia meeting will also reflect on the leading women in the writings of the time It will analyze female holiness in these centuries, the writing of Isabel de Villena and other mystics, as well as female devotion expressed through art The opening speech. by the professor Rafael Alemany It will be … Read more

The UCV celebrates an International Symposium to study the most outstanding authors of late medieval European spirituality


The “Institut Isabel de Villena d’Estudis Medievals i Renaixentistes” (IVEMIR-UCV) and the Office for the Transfer of Research Results (OTRI) of the Catholic University of Valencia (UCV) celebrate the International Online Symposium from October 5 to 7 ‘Protagonists and authors in the late medieval European spirituality’. This meeting of experts focuses on the study of … Read more

Literary season: religious publishing in search of new authors


Leaving the front of the stage to the novels, the religious edition does not really experience any runaway on the occasion of the literary season. But it has been marked by several changes in recent weeks. “While we have held up well enough during the Covid period, the religious book market continues to crumble, acknowledges … Read more

▷ Hindu Literature » History, Themes, Authors and Key Books


The literature of India has many names: Hindu or Hindu literature, Oriental literature, and depending on the region or stage in question, it could be found as Muslim, Bengali, Urdu literature, among others. It is one of the oldest artistic manifestations of humanity and is full of symbolism, stories, spirituality and culture. The historical context … Read more

The words and authors behind the Star Guardian stories


Riot Games wants to show us how the teams prepared for this year’s Star Guardians event. STAR GUARDIAN NARRATION Hello, story-loving gamers! I’m Stephanie “Riot Lady Smalls” Bedford, narrative producer of League and Wild Rift, and local Star Guardian expert! The last /devblog of the narrative team goes back a long way … Read more