An authentic Mexican party with the Mariachi “El Sol Mexicano” and a Calibri Piñata

If you want to experience a truly unforgettable Mexican birthday party, a unique event with mariachis, piñatas, ponchos and more, you can find it on Monday, December 12 at Cahlibre – Casa Mexicana in Taranto, at Pitagora 94. This is a very colorful Mexican restaurant, with soft lighting, a delight for the eyes, meat, fish, … Read more

This summer, let’s learn how to make a place for “authentic” rest

Why is there an urgency to praise rest, the subject of your book? We are the victims of the prevailing materialism, with its primacy given to efficiency. The Anglo-Saxon adage “Time is money” it’s imposed. The center of gravity of life is therefore no longer rest and leisure, but profitable work, due to economic challenges … Read more