Roberto Diago Querol Hall: artistic event of the visual arts

Reviewing each program, one moves to significant names and works, which reaffirmed the potential of Matanzas visual arts. El Diago, as it is called, is a space that also encourages exchange and confrontation between creators and where the Provincial Prize for Plastic Arts is awarded, which on this occasion went to the prominent photographer Ramón … Read more

Artistic journey to the heart of Baltic souls – Ciné

Artistic journey to the heart of Baltic souls – Ciné-Concert Rémalard en Perche, March 3, 2023, Rémalard en Perche. Artistic journey to the heart of Baltic souls – Ciné-Concert Espace Octave Mirbeau Place of the Champ de Foire Rémalard Rémalard en Perche Orne Place of the Champ de Foire Espace Octave Mirbeau 2023-03-03 – 2023-03-03Place … Read more

In Cosenza the artistic event “The magic of Christmas and the sacredness of the family”

The director Lia Calabria, in collaboration with the art expert and tourist guide Paola Morano, with the support of the “Sviluppo Consentia” Association of the president Angelo Perrongelli and with the patronage of the Municipality of Cosenza, presents, from 18 to 22 December , the artistic-social event “The magic of Christmas and the sacredness of … Read more

The retrospective exhibition ‘Confluencias’ invites you to immerse yourself in the artistic universe of Koldo Sebastián del Cerro

Between chaos and the cosmos, order and disorder, geometry and spirituality, canon and evanescence, the creative universe of Koldo Sebastian del Cerro. A gateway to the unfathomable mysteries of art and life that the artist from Pamplona now opens wide in the Palacio del constable. There, in Rooms 1 and 2, the retrospective exhibition is … Read more

Nine intense days of cinema with the “Terni Film Festival” of the artistic director Moni Ovadia

TERNI – The 18th edition of the Terni Film Festival which for the second year sees the artistic direction of Moni Ovadia. “A festival coming of age” he began Arnaldo Casali, director of the Istess. The theme, All of us was announced last July with the preview at the Piediluco Festival; many news and guests … Read more

Montesarchio: Hinterland, Biancardi’s artistic performance becomes denunciation

Montesarchio: Hinterland, Biancardi’s artistic performance becomes denunciation – Il Caudino Culture by Editorial staff 24 October 2022 M.ontesarchio: Hinterland, Biancardi’s artistic performance is denounced. It took place on Saturday evening, October 22, at the enchanting location of walker delle Clarisse in Montesarchio, “Hinterland” the multimedia performance, conceived by the artist photographer Peppe Biancardi in which … Read more

PUCV Culture will offer a new artistic billboard in different locations of the University

Bringing culture to the different locations of the University is the objective of the new cycle that Cultura PUCV is organizing and that seeks to bring the artistic manifestations that arise from our House of Studies closer to the communities of the campuses and to the environment where they are located. The initiative includes the … Read more

Elena Bresciani talks about the new artistic projects

It will be an autumn full of artistic commitments for the internationally renowned Mezzosoprano Elena Bresciani, one of the best vocal preparers in Italy As soon as the artistic commitment that saw her in the Commission at the final of the VI Edition of the “GB Rubini International Opera Singing Competition”, the Mezzosoprano Elena Bresciani … Read more

“Friends, costumes and communes”, a fascinating journey through artistic collectives

“Can art change the personal relationships and lifestyles of those who practice it, beyond constituting an occupation? Is that the meaning of artist collectives? What role do they have in what we can begin to consider the history of a long counterculture? These are some of the questions raised by the historian and teacher Julia … Read more

23 years after the death of Jaime Garzón: artistic expressions about his life continue

Twenty-three years after his death, Alfredo Garzón, brother of Jaime Garzón, will launch a graphic novel about the reasons that led to the murder of the famous character. Jaime Hernando Garzon Forero, the journalist, broadcaster, pedagogue, actor, lawyer, among his many faces and professions, titles, anecdotes and audiovisual records, is remembered forever, but every August … Read more