Applications open: Escuela de Formación Popular 2023 summons social and community organizations

The project “Co-reason the Territories in Valparaíso” UPA ADAIN 2193, extends the invitation to social and community organizations of Greater Valparaíso, to participate in the Popular Training School. Instance co-created between the University of Playa Ancha and various organizations, which will begin to be taught from next Saturday, June 3. The project is promoted and … Read more

Today, many people spend most of their time in the virtual world. Some keep social networks open all day through browser tabs, or through other applications

Spirituality 4.0 in the digital age. The 14th edition of the Franciscan festival in Bologna was an opportunity to meet with all the variegated expression of the Italian Franciscan world. Together with the friars (Capuchins, minors, conventuals, regular tertiaries) the numerous ones met families of the nuns. A vast galaxy which are inspired by spirituality … Read more