“You have to break the script that makes success and happiness depend on material things”

In ‘Three principles for reinvention’, the social communicator and LR columnist, Natalia Zuleta, proposes three keys to achieve it, although for this you have to stop along the way and rethink everything.

How did the idea of ​​writing this book come about?

I would say that the book is the product of a spiritual path and discovery that I have been doing in the last six years in which I have published other books on sustainability and I have done a job to understand myself spiritually.

It is a book by a woman who has made decisions that have changed the course of my life and that have made me aware of the need for learning that we all have in order to change, transform and reinvent ourselves.

What are the keys or principles for reinvention?

The principles that I propose in the book are three; the first is spirituality for which we must make a stop along the way to reconnect with our interior and take advantage of all the potential we have, a world like today with many moral and political crises, where there is also so much despair and depression . The second is the creativity that human beings have to create new things, to find solutions where there is a crisis, to look at things with different eyes and to ask ourselves powerful questions that allow us to imagine a possible world in the future. And the third consists of a sustainable view of reality, which implies recognizing our evolution and assuming more empathic, responsible and compassionate habits.

But what is the formula?

The truth is that there are no formulas, there is a path that each human being chooses and many times when talking about these issues one thinks of a religious creed, but spirituality is a dimension of the human being that can be explored from different resources , some like meditation, yoga, connection with nature…

Many times we know what we need to have a healthy body and to have an intellectually capable mind, but very rarely do we sit down to think about what we can do to strengthen our spirit.

How much has the pandemic changed you?

Some of us learned great lessons. For me, the pandemic was the opportunity to write this book, to ground what I had already been experiencing as a woman in all those archetypes to perform. It was the opportunity to look at myself, review my recent history and to channel a series of learnings that end up landing in a narrative that is very lifelike, one of those that happens to us and we are unable to interpret in an adequate way.

For me, the pandemic was a scene of a lot of creation, since it gave us the opportunity to remain still and for me personally, it generated a lot of movement.

How is it possible to achieve a balance between the emotional and the work?

Society has mounted us in a narrative that leads us to make happiness depend on the external. So, we know the script to follow and we accept social pressures that our life should be, not only in emotional terms but also professionally. In the script is the career, find a job, start a family, buy a house and think about our retirement. But we are experiencing an awakening and we have to see that it is not working.

What will be the next book?

Something interesting has happened to me with this book and it is that now that I have launched it, life tells me: apply it. Personally, I am experiencing a very challenging moment that is leading me to apply each of the things in the book and, from there, I come to my next book that has to do with what feminine energy represents for humanity and here I’m not talking about the feminist movement. Then it will be the continuation of this one.

“You have to break the script that makes success and happiness depend on material things”