YosStop shows off her baby and her mental health content

MEXICO CITY, December 10 (EL UNIVERSAL).- YosStop debuts as a mother and although she acknowledges that it is a complicated stage, she feels lucky for what she is experiencing and learning, the content creator boasted of Amyra, her baby, on her networks. who was born a few weeks ago, in addition, she was proud of the good grades she has obtained in her psychological evaluations, part of the restorative justice in favor of Ainara Suárez.

Yoss was in jail last year after being accused of child pornography for having assured that she had in her possession the video of the rape of the then minor Ainara Suárez. The reclassification of the crime for which she was accused, from child pornography to discrimination, allowed her to be released from prison, and she now boasted of her performance in psychopedagogical intervention, psychological evaluation, social psychology, and group dynamics.

“Friends, I am proud of myself because this semester I was worried about being able to do well for my last days of pregnancy, then labor and postpartum. Today I finished it with an excellent grade and good learning, like my diploma in bioneuroemotion I was able to get up to speed current with the accompaniments and it has nourished me a lot”, he wrote.

Yoseline Hoffman complies with the restorative justice that she agreed with the FGJ, which allows the parties involved to reach a reparation agreement; Said agreement consists of the granting of various material goods, the payment of an economic amount, not contacting the victim, a public apology, as well as not expressing themselves in a demeaning, insulting and humiliating way towards anyone.

Hoffman must publish a video each month in which he shares the content of the courses he will attend, receive training on the subject of victims, as well as donate five percent of his income to associations or groups.

Along with this process, the youtuber lives her motherhood and presented, together with her husband Gerardo González, her baby.

“A beautiful creation of love. Amyra precious baby, we love you infinitely and we will always protect you,” read her message, in which she noted that they will share very selective things about her baby.

Mental health

Along with his well-known Instagram account, YosStop feeds another site dedicated to mental health, balance and balance, psychology, meditation and yoga, and spirituality, which has more than 34,000 followers.

Videos and images with reflections is what is shared in said account, in which Yoseline Hoffman opened up about her feelings after becoming a mother, since she had to reorganize her life and find balance and balance.

“Having a new and newborn person entails great challenges, to begin with you have to restructure and reorganize your life. If in itself trying to keep ourselves in balance and balance is not easy, then less so now. Today I am looking for my balance we could say almost from Zero, I am in a readaptation period, trying to understand how life as a mother works and trying to find times and ways to balance without getting lost along the way. Motherhood is very demanding, being 100% responsible for a baby that only depends on you and wanting to do it well is a lot of pressure and fatigue, but nothing that cannot be achieved. I am back on this account, I am gradually resuming what matters to me and above all trying to be understanding with myself and not demand from myself more. Tell me what mental health issues you would like us to talk about,” it reads.

Yoseline invites those who follow her to propose mental health topics to be discussed: “Tell me what mental health topics you would like us to talk about.”

YosStop shows off her baby and her mental health content