Why visit these two splendid Lombard cities this year

The institutional inauguration ceremony of the is set for January 20th Italian Capital of Culture 2023a title which, for the first time, has been awarded to two cities together, united by cultural values ​​and reborn stronger after the pandemic.

I’m Bergamo and Bresciawith the inauguration to be held at the Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo and the Teatro Grande in Brescia, whose stages will be connected to each other through large screens to share what is happening in the other city.

The numerous events that will animate them throughout the year, the many initiatives spread throughout the area and the vast cultural offer that distinguishes them, make the two splendid Lombard cities ideal destinations to discover (or rediscover).

Brescia 2023: the stages not to be missed

Brescia is a city with enormous potentialwhich boasts a historic center full of unique views and authentic architectural treasures.

The itinerary to follow to get to know the 2023 Capital of Culture in depth can start from one of the city’s symbols, the Castle of Bresciaa suggestive panoramic point on Colle Cidneo, close to the centre: among the most fascinating fortified complexes in Italy as well as the second largest in Europe, it houses the Museum of the Renaissance where you can admire a conspicuous iconographic heritage made up of portraits, period prints, geographical maps, ceramics, sculptures, flags, and proclamations of the Risorgimento era.

After a period of closure, the Museum returns from the end of January with an exciting and immersive itinerary that places the visitor at the center of the museum experience.

Another key place in the city is the Santa Giulia Museumwhich rises within the monumental complex of San Salvatore – Santa Giulia (declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site), an incredible journey through the history, spirituality and art of Brescia from prehistory to today.
In an exhibition area of ​​14,000 square meters, you can admire thousands of unique pieces ranging from the fourth millennium BC to the eighteenth century.

Furthermore, the programming of shows and exhibitions for 2023 is of absolute importance: in February the exhibition for the enhancement of painter Giacomo Cerutifrom March to July the photographic exhibition “Light of the Mountain“, from July to October the exhibition “Mattotti cinema” dedicated to the Brescian director Lorenzo Mattotti, in June the video art exhibition of master Fabio Plessi and, finally, in November with the exhibition “Art and Rights” as part of the Peace Festival.

The pride of Brescia is then the Archaeological Park of Roman Brixiaone of the largest in Northern Italy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a dip back in time where you can admire the remains of the Roman city, noble palaces from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the modern era: here (and in the Santa Giulia Museum) from 9 June to 7 January 2024 will be staged “Brixia marries Plessi“, exhibition curated by Fabio Plessi with monumental “digital walls”, video projections and digital installations.

Finally, do not miss the exhibition “LaChapelle for Ceruti” at Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery: the well-known American photographer and director reflects on the theme of today’s fragility in a remote dialogue with the exhibition on Giacomo Ceruti hosted at the Santa Giulia Museum.

Bergamo, Italian Capital of Culture 2023

Getting to know Bergamo as Capital of Culture 2023 means starting from Upper Bergamoperhaps with a trip on the funicular, and walk among the ancient walls to make a stop at the History Museumnetwork of historical museums of the city, six places with a unique identity but linked by the intention of telling the story of Bergamo, from Roman times to the 20th century, through its stories: the Civic Tower known as “il Campanone”, the Rocca , seat of the Nineteenth Century Museum, the Convent of San Francesco, the Tower of the Fallen, and the Palazzo del Podestà, seat of the Sixteenth Century Museum.

In particular, from March 31st to July 2nd, the Convent of San Francesco it will be the scene of a photographic exhibition illustrating the business culture of Bergamo and Brescia.

Three exhibitions will be held at the Accademia Carrara, to celebrate the nomination as Italian Capital of Culture 2023: the first monograph in the world on Cecco del Caravaggiothe exhibition “All in you my light” And “Peaks of light. Naoki Ishikawa on the Orobie Alps” dedicated to the mountains.

Again, the GAMeC – Modern and contemporary art galleryhas in store a series of unmissable exhibitions and events for those who love contemporary art and its thousand facets and expressions.

Why visit these two splendid Lombard cities this year