What’s inside your egg? Pick one to find out what you deserve now

Are you ready for the egg test? We will rely on your intuition to find out what you deserve right now: open one!

We know Easter is long past, don’t worry!

(source: CheDonna – made on: Canva)

The personality test that we have prepared for you today just wants to know what you really “deserve” and does it by making the most of your intuition.
Today we are ready to discover what is hidden in your present and future, what “gift” will come or serve you from the forces that surround you and guide you. Aren’t you curious?

Egg test – pick one and find out what you deserve right now

Have you ever wondered that what you needed or what you deserved at any given time in your life?

egg test
(source: CheDonna – made on: Canva)

Surely you will have worked hard, perhaps from a particular point of view, and not collect results or awards.
Other times, however, while doing “nothing” you have reached concrete goals, which you may have had no idea about and to the detriment of all the others. But how is this possible?
Life is like this: one day you do choices right and the next … all the wrong ones!

Today we thought of offering you a simple choice thanks to test egg!
(If eggs aren’t your thing, though, you can always try the our well test: here you will have to struggle, however, because you have to raise the water!)
Be guided by your intuition and find out what is inside the egg you have decided to take.
Are you ready to find out what you “deserve”?

  • blue stone egg: what the egg test reveals is that you need … a good friend! (For this reason we ask you to try this too test here: what you see in the picture will really tell us if you deserve it!).
    In this moment you are cold and staid, as impenetrable as the egg you have chosen. Inside, however, lies a desperate need for a sincere friend. Perhaps, lately, you have felt a distance and almost a betrayal on the part of others. You are a sensitive person who has learned to build thick and powerful walls, which separate her from other people! Right now you would need someone to hold out their hand: not a partner or even a family member. A friend: someone who doesn’t judge you and who makes you feel free again!
  • light orange egg with drawings: in your egg there is a lot of spirituality, a lot of desire for connection between you and others. Hey, haven’t you recently felt a little lonely, cut off from social life?
    If this is the case, we can in all likelihood tell you that there is a great supply of… love in your egg!
    Not just romantic love but that of friends and family: what you deserve right now is to be able to be with the people you care about most, go out and take a real breath of fresh air. Your intuition tells us that this is what you deserve and that, in all likelihood, it will get to you first!
  • yellow egg with green lines: you have chosen a strange egg, with a not exactly “inviting” combination. What does it mean in our egg test?
    Simply that what you need today is a minimum of peace and calm, away from other people.
    You are truly indebted to tranquility and solitude: your intuition tells us that soon, fortunately for you, a moment of calm will come!
    You are a good person, who tends to let others “take advantage” of you. You can’t help but reach out when someone asks you for help but this often turns into a problem directly for you!
  • green egg with a red tentacle: hey, how much aggression! Your unconscious tells us that you are a person who has great strength inside which, however, often expresses itself in the wrong ways.
    What is inside your egg, therefore, is a little wisdom: the one that your subconscious desires and that you find so overrated!
    The egg test tells us that you simply need to learn to bite your tongue or express your feelings less vehemently.
    You know very well that the problem is not only for others but also yours: you mortify yourself particularly when you let yourself go to your lowest instincts and you are sorry about this. Luckily a little bit of wisdom is in your way!

These tests must be considered a pastime to explore some sides of one’s personality but cannot in any way replace a valid and complete analysis from a psychological point of view.

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What’s inside your egg? Pick one to find out what you deserve now