What is this new tree in the Treille garden in Lille?

Jean-Daniel Duthoit, on the right, is the gardener who designed this new massif near the cathedral. He is accompanied here by Anne-Laure de la Roncière and Camille, one of those who allowed this space to remain a garden. (©AS Hourdeaux/Northern Cross)

We are in the middle of the month of Creation, which brings together Christians of different denominations around environmental responsibility. In LilleCatholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Anglicans participated on Saturday October 1, 2022 in the planting of a bed just next to the cathedral of La Treille. A whole symbol, which explains to us the gardener full of spirituality Jean-Daniel Duthoit…

A plantation to symbolize the unity of Christians in the face of ecological issues: this is the meaning of this new tree which appeared this Saturday, October 1 in the garden of La Treille.

It was Jean-Daniel Duthoit, a well-known gardener at the Center du Hautmont de Mouvaux, who was the guide for the project, carried by two services of the diocese of Lille: that of integral ecology and that of Christian unity. .

On Saturday October 1, 2022, the Massif de la Création was inaugurated.
On Saturday October 1, 2022, the Massif de la Création was inaugurated. (©B. Florin/Lille Integral Ecology Service)


Jean-Daniel explains the choice of planted species: “Normally, an acacia stings and breaks quickly, so we cannot plant it in public spaces. It was therefore a resistant variety of acacia, the American honey locust, which was preferred. »

He adds: “This tree is used to refertilize the deserts, Pierre Rabhi appreciated it! It has beautiful fall colors, it is also called ‘sunburst’, burning sun! In spring, it bears small pink flowers…”

The plaque located next to the massif in the garden of the trellis in Lille.
The plaque located next to the massif in the garden of the trellis in Lille. (©B. Florin/Lille Integral Ecology Service)

Everything is connected

The tree is not alone. A vine stock has been planted right next to it. “The vine is La Treille, it will climb to bear fruit, mingling with honey locust”. This recalls the expression dear to Pope Francis “Everything is linked”, evoking that nature and the human condition are intertwined. Note that the town hall of Lille helped to dig the hole for the acacia.

long roots

Also, spelled and vetch seeds were sown during a high point on Saturday, October 1, by the Christian Churches of Lille. “Spelt is a cereal that we preferred to wheat. Today, the variety of wheat in our fields has short roots, a small stem, to give a quick yield. Spelled sinks its roots far and gives a large stem… We too need strong roots to grow well. »

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Vetch blooms around Easter, “with light blue cascading flowers”. “Vetch will give strength to cereals, whose stems will be able to stand up better by clinging to the vetches”.

look like god

In addition, the whole is bounded by a bamboo border, in the center… an oval which represents an eye! “The border is to delimit the area of ​​the massif, to prevent for example that the mowing of the lawn does not damage the whole. The whole is placed in an eye, which represents the gaze of God. How does God view his creatures? Let’s try to look at the world like Him. It is a gaze of love, but also an active gaze, in which everyone participates”.

Because, reminds the gardener, “this set is to be maintained, it will be necessary to prune the tree, the vine, to check the growth… It is a question of being present at this massif as one would be with a child, step by stage. The garden teaches patience! »

A plate

A plaque has been placed nearby, to recall the meaning of this massif for Christians. “A phrase from the Apocalypse, chapter 22, was chosen by the Churches: ‘The leaves of the tree serve to heal the nations’…” says Anne-Laure de la Roncière, diocesan delegate for Christian unity .

Passing through the area, Camille is delighted with the development of this space. “To think that in 2002, we had to fight to save him from a real estate project! It’s nice to see that this garden lives. »

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What is this new tree in the Treille garden in Lille?