What happens during the 11 days after Friday the 13th? Harness the energy

The Friday the 13th It is one of the dates with the greatest superstition in the world due to its supposed negative implications, however, some affirm that, on the contrary, opens energy portals that can last up to 11 days after. Find out how to harness that energy.

Bad luck, accidents or risk of death, these are some of the alleged dangers attributed to Friday the 13th, however, it is a day like any other, but which, apparently, contains a positive energetic relevance.

In that sense, the mysticism of this day, which has become popular, is nothing but a set of unfounded beliefs held by people that apparently have presented inconveniences or atypical events, as well as historical facts.

That being said, movies like “Friday the 13th” or a stockbroker’s own book that made the market rise and fall, called “Friday, the XIII”have contributed to the growth of this superstition.

Meanwhile, according to quantum specialists, spirituality and holistically, energetically It is a day that opens portals with other planes and where a greater exchange of energies is presented, which is used to materialize fortune, initiate a personal transmutation, and even reprogram the being.

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Friday the 13th and its subsequent 11 days

According to the angeologist and spiritual coach, Giovanna Mora, known by the spiritual name of attlannathere are a series of erroneous beliefs about this day that have generated confusion.

“Things are not as they are told out there. Friday the 13th is one of the best days of the year because it comes loaded with a lot of positivity and good omens. If they have been waiting a few months for a resolution regarding a negotiation or proposal, the force of Friday the 13th favors them so that they finally receive news regarding a final decision.

Thus, the specialist tells that on this day a portal opens that generates a circulation of energies during the following 11 days, in this case, from the 14th to the 24th.

“These are days to use energy and implement processes designed specifically for increase money, material possessions and any other source of prosperity“, he pointed.

In turn, he explained that these 11 days after Friday the 13th are ideal for start or finish actions that help you improve your quality of lifeso it is vital to do a ritual or connect, as she puts it, with the higher consciousness.

These days you will begin to see new opportunities more clearly and the advance that is announced in this area of ​​his life, which will gain importance during the closing of the week and will come to a conclusion during the next month,” he said. attlannawho is an expert in spiritual matters.

Finally, the aforementioned argued that “You shouldn’t pay attention to the comments they make about bad luck on this day”On the contrary, you should use these 11 days to work on your abundant thinking, spirituality and envision a prosperous life or initiate a change that will allow you to improve in 2023.

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What happens during the 11 days after Friday the 13th? Harness the energy