What does it mean to dream of money?

The dreams with money They can range from the most distressing, in which we lose a large amount or are robbed, to the happiest, in which we receive a large amount without prior notice or find bills and coins on the street.

But, What does it mean to dream of money? Depending on the context of the dream representation we can determine one meaning or another. However, we can start from a common basis for the meaning of money within the unconscious.

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For Ian Wallace, psychologist and author of unraveling your dreams“money symbolizes in our dreams the value we give ourselves and the value we believe others give us.”

Bearing this in mind, Let’s see what secrets all those dreams that we can have with money as the protagonist entail.

What does it mean to dream of money?

As Wallace tells us in his book, “dreams about wealth recreate real-life situations in which we reflect on the accumulated value of our work and projects.”

That is why, in order to understand the meaning of money within our reverie, we must know the context in which it occurs. Let’s review some of the most common.

dream of found money

When we find money in our sleep, Wallace suggests that it is possible that our unconscious is suggesting to us that we have not been aware of our authentic creative capacity for some time.and the resources that are at our disposal.

The more confidence we have in ourselves increases, the easier it will be to apply these resources, which will make us find better opportunities in real life.

Dream of money that is not mine

If during the daydream the money that comes into play does not belong to uswe may be seeing ourselves reflected in the skills and abilities that we know of another person.

That way, if this person loses their money, we may feel like we’re losing those capabilities. If he lends it to us, we may feel that we are learning these skills from that person.

dream of stolen money

When you dream that you steal money from someone, that someone whose wealth is taken away becomes an essential part of understanding the meaning of the dream.

For example, if we dream that we steal money from a bank, since these entities are perceived as centers that accumulate our wealth throughout our lives, your dream may recreate a situation in which you feel that someone is appropriating your merits. vital. Namely, that someone is appropriating the recognition and rewards you deserve.

Dream that they give you money

When we dream that they give us money, some interpretations suggest that you may have a hidden desire to be given something as a token of appreciation for everything you do.

Wallace, however, offers another possible interpretation. According to his theory, when in a dream we receive a large amount of money, for example, when you win the lottery, “the dream suggests the sudden and unexpected emergence of a valuable opportunity in real life.”

What does it mean to dream of money in bills?

As we said, the form of wealth is less relevant than what happens to it. However, we could think that the bills represent skills that we consider more complex or important, depending on the value we give them in the dream.

On the other hand, having it in your hand could represent that we feel in possession and control of the abilities or capacities that are assigned to wealth. In other words, we feel empowered and prepared to face the situations that remain active in our real lives, since we believe we have the necessary resources to overcome them.

What does it mean to dream of a lot of cash?

The most esoteric interpretations indicate that dreaming of finding a coin on the ground, for example, can be an omen that something will soon happen in your life that It will help you get through a tough time.

However, the truth is that the theories of psychology point out that coins, like bills or any other wealth, always point to skills or abilities that are part of us. In this way, coins could represent our intrinsic value, our most basic and essential capabilities.

What is really important to interpret the meaning of the dream is not the form of money, but what happens to it.

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What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about money?

Within the world of esotericism and spirituality, dreams with money are interpreted in another way. According to some interpretations, they could have related to abundance, success, prosperity, financial concerns, or personal energy.

Even in these interpretations, the meanings of dreams can vary depending on what happens to the money.

For example, losing money is interpreted as the omen of good luck in business. On the other hand, dreaming that you have a lot of money could herald an upcoming loss of money.

Nevertheless, these interpretations are not supported by psychological or scientific theories. Far from it, science has shown that dreams are created in our subconscious, so they do not come from any energy external to ourselves, which rules out that dream representations can be omens or omens.

What does it mean to dream of money?