Walter Mercado’s Las Estrellas horoscope for today Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Note to readers: Betty B. Mercado, niece and collaborator of the late astrologer Walter Mercado, continues his legacy by writing horoscopes.


(March 20 – April 18th)

You will experience the consequences of your actions and decisions. It will be recommended that you do not get lost in a thousand activities, pleasing everyone, exhausting your energy and dedicating yourself more to yourself and to what really makes you happy. Your health will improve remarkably and you will find the healing of old ills. Lucky numbers: 7, 50, 34.


(April 19 – 19 of May)

The strangest and most unpredictable thing can happen now in your life. You will be very susceptible to committing crazy things in love. Cultivate silence, meditation. Do not get involved with people who are not at your level. Be realistic and don’t believe false promises. Carefully study any job or business offer that they make you. Lucky numbers: 18, 32, 25.


(May 20 – 19 of June)

Take the baton and direct your own orchestra. Do not sit and wait for anything or anyone to do what your heart tells you. Spirituality will acquire enormous importance for you. You will feel protected and protected now by mysterious forces. Los Angeles will be present in your daily life. Lucky numbers: 40, 13, 2.


(June 20th – July 21)

A chapter of great teachings closes for you and a cycle of success and greater wisdom begins. Time is on your side. Your passions run high, your ambitions increase, your interests change, and your life takes on a new rhythm. You will know how to harmonize your professional life with your home life. Lucky numbers: 11, 30, 47.


(July 22 – August 21)

You recover from all the negative and recover the throne that they tried to steal from you. Many will be surprised by your change in personal appearance. You shine and stand out like a mega star. You will now be the king or queen of romance and fun and you will reach new heights. Lucky numbers: 16, 5, 14.


(August 22nd – Sept. 21)

Prepare for changes and major events in your life. In your sector of friends you will do a total cleaning. Many will leave your side and others will come to shake your hand. You will have your impulsiveness under control and you will not be dazzled by pretty words or beautiful shells, especially in the area of ​​love. Lucky numbers: 3, 13, 22.


(Sept. 22 – Oct 22)

Cultivate humility and you will have glory. The one who is really worth does not have to flaunt what he knows. He comes out of hobbies and habits that enslave you and don’t let you enjoy life. Understand that your presence speaks louder than your words. Do not control, let him or the one who loves you be with you out of love and not out of obligation. Lucky numbers: 20, 1, 37.


(Oct 23 – Nov 20)

All work related to art, promotion, radio or television is well-aspected. Resentful enemies, competitors increase because your light shines more every day. Laugh a lot and send many blessings and love to everyone alike, friend and foe alike. May your voice be heard and your message respected. Lucky numbers: 9, 14, 7.


(Nov 21 – Dec 20)

You stand out for your talents and abilities and gain laurels where you failed before. In the professional field you manage to win challenges and battles. That long-awaited moment of prosperity arrives. You get out of a quagmire where you felt trapped. Now you can realize your dreams and achieve the apparent impossible. Lucky numbers: 15, 39, 8.


(Dec 21 – Jan 18)

Find the truth. Everything expands, everything is magnified and everything comes to light. Now you will not be able to hide your motivations or have secrets. Your sentimental world will be shaken by strange beings that will make you see life in a different way. If you are married or united, give second chances, talk heart to heart. Lucky numbers: 38, 4, 27.


(Jan 19 – Feb 17)

Free yourself from dogmas and expired laws that are no longer valid in today’s world. Get strong, demand what you deserve, value yourself, make yourself pay dearly. Overcome pessimism, the delusion of persecution and the tendency to feel sorry for yourself. Cultivate positive emotions, learn to live spontaneously. Lucky numbers: 12, 49, 35.


(Feb 18 – 19 of March)

Your period of wasting time and energy with beings who did not respect or validate you is over. Your world of friendship is enriched with beings of great light that will help and guide you. Your selection of partners and associates will be correct, which will lead you to achieve success in every business you do. Lucky numbers: 41, 32, 39.

Walter Mercado’s Las Estrellas horoscope for today Tuesday, December 27, 2022