Vicente Rebollo is already bishop of Tarazona, a diocese with few resources but full of spirituality

Archbishop Vicente Rebollo has taken possession of his position as bishop of the Diocese of Tarazona in the Cathedral. “I hope to be the pastor that you deserve and that you need.” With these words, the already bishop of the Diocese of Tarazona, Msgr. Vicente Rebollo, addressed his new parishioners in the SI Cathedral of Tarazona, at the end of the Eucharist in which his episcopal ordination and inauguration took place.

Participating in the celebration were Nuncio of His Holiness, Bishop Bernardito Aúza, Archbishop of Zaragoza, Bishop Carlos Escribano and eight others archbishops, fifteen bishops, the Abbot of Silos and almost two hundred priests from the Diocese of Tarazona, the Archdiocese of Burgos and the rest of the Aragonese dioceses.

diocese rich in spirituality

At the beginning of the Eucharist, the Bishop of Tarazona, Msgr. Eusebio Hernández Sola, spoke up to now, telling his successor that the Lord puts in his hands a rural diocese, small and with few economic resources, but “rich in humanity, in fraternity, in simplicity, in that spirituality that today’s world longs for so much and does not know how to discover”. “And thanks to these simple people, and the shared effort we have achieved very important goals and steps for the life of the diocese”, he added.

In the homily, the main orderer, Mons. Carlos Escribano, welcomed him to Aragonese lands: “The Church has sent you to serve this portion of the People of God as Bishop of Tarazona”, and reminded him that the responsibility that assumes “it is a lot in the hard times that we have to live”.

Subsequently, Escribano has exhorted him to trust in God: “The grace of the Lord will not fail you and neither will the help of the presbytery, the religious and the laity and many people of good will in this beloved diocese of Tarazona”.

Later, D. Vicente Rebollo Mozos has been ordained and has taken possession of the turiasonense headquarters. Already in his Chair, he has received the embrace of his brother bishops and, as representatives of his new Diocese, of three priests, three nuns and a family.

The Nuncio of His Holiness, Bernardito Aúza, and the Archbishop of Burgos, Mons. Mario Iceta, have been the other two ordaining bishops. The accompanying priests of D. Vicente have been D. Javier Bernal, vicar general of the Diocese of Tarazona, and D. Pedro Saéz Vesga, priest of the Archdiocese of Burgos.

“I want to make life with you”

At the end of the Eucharist, Bishop Vicente Rebollo toured the Cathedral blessing those present and, at the end, addressed a few words in which he pointed out that, although he considers himself “small and unworthy” compared to “the greatness of Christ’s love”, this It is the one that really allows him to move forward as well as having said “yes” to the task that is entrusted to him from now on. “How not to follow him, how not to feel his strength and trust him; how not to feel his strength in me and in my life as a believer if there is someone, the almighty, who has loved me without limits”, he highlighted.

D. Vicente has declared that he feels fortunate to have transmitted the Gospel during his 34 years of priestly life through different paths and circumstances. “What luck to be able to take part in the works of the Gospel, to be able to be a collaborator of Jesus the Good Shepherd, to make the Good News reach all men”.

This is how I conceive my new episcopal entrustment among you, in this beloved diocese, my diocese, my home. I want to make life with you and in you my episcopal motto: “Love each other and give myself to you”. I hope to be the pastor that you deserve and that you need”, he asserted.

The new bishop of Tarazona, whose priestly life has passed in the Archdiocese of Burgos, wanted to begin his episcopate by thanking “because my heart feels grateful”. In this way, in his address, had words of thanks for all those who have been part of his priestly and personal life, especially his closest family, his father, brother, sister-in-law and nephews, present at the celebration. She has finished placing herself in the hands of Mary, in her invocation of Our Lady of the Huerta, owner of the Cathedral of Tarazona, “I know that she will take care of me like her son and that she will always accompany me in this my new task. Pray before her for me.”

About 800 people

It has been an emotional celebration in which nearly 800 people, including priests, relatives, friends, collaborators, faithful from Burgos -from where four buses have arrived- from Tarazona and its diocese, have filled the nave of the Cathedral and other spaces that They have been enabled and prepared to welcome anyone who has wanted to come. 10 seminarians from Burgos and half a dozen from Zaragoza also participated in the Eucharist.

The Turiasonense Choir and the Cathedral Choir, directed by D. Javier Royo, have interpreted the songs of the celebration, some of which have been composed by the priest of the Diocese of Tarazona, D. Vicente González.

Tomorrow, Sunday, September 18, the already Bishop of Tarazona will celebrate his first Eucharist in Calatayud. It will be at 6:00 p.m. in the Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor.

Vicente Rebollo is already bishop of Tarazona, a diocese with few resources but full of spirituality