Verona, the arrival of the new bishop Pompili. Greetings to the faithful

The bishop of Verona Domenico Pompili among the people in Verona (Sartori)

The new bishop of Verona has entered the city, Monsignor Domenico Pompilicalled to take the place of Giuseppe Zenti, bishop emeritus, who had resigned due to age limits after 15 years in the pastoral government of the Scaliger diocese. The agenda of the first day in Verona is very busystarted with the first prayer and the first blessing to St.sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona and, to follow, the visit to inmates of the Montorio prison and to soup kitchen in San Bernardino. At 2 pm, outside the basilica of San Zeno, there were over two hundred young people, who came from all over the province to welcome him. We are made to dance, to whirl, not to stand still and motionless. Dance speaks the language of beauty, made up of physicality and spirituality. The dance gave a start, like the child still in Elizabeth’s womb, when Mary went to greet her. Upon hearing her voice and recognizing Mary as the mother of the Savior, John the Baptist, not yet born into the world, gasped – these were the first words of Bishop Domenico, which displace, hearten, really make the very young audience jump. I wish you to feel the same gasp every time you give us to meet the Lord and to dance upwards, towards the other.

The abbot of San Zeno

A roar of applause confirms the joy of the bystanders who understand that they have just welcomed an enlightened guide. We have to dance, right – she admits in the churchyard don Gianni Ballarini, abbot of San Zeno – in a few minutes he was able to make himself loved, opening new paths, but always in the direction of the gospel. a great joy to welcome him. Verona is a city that has a great wealth of people, organizations and voluntary associations: such an energetic bishop can certainly give new office to everyone. If a good day starts in the morning, I would say that we are on horseback. A curiosity: in many years of priesthood, this is the first time a bishop younger than me has been appointed. It only has 59 years old Monsignor Pompili, which took place on 21 May, the same day on which, in the diocese of Verona, the feast of San Zeno, patron saint of the city, falls. Chance or predestination? To each the answer of him. We know that it is difficult to leave the place where you were, to start a new adventure in another diocese, but we hope that you will find among us a place where you can feel at home the warm welcome of Marco, from the pastoral center for adolescents and young people in Verona. .

The testimonials

Strength, courage and, above all, enthusiasm are not lacking and for this reason we are increasingly eager to build a Church in which we feel wanted, where we can express our talents, capable of embracing our frailties. A Church in which everyone, even the most distant, has the opportunity to feel important. Pope Francis told us so many times, “Nobody saves himself alone”and for this very reason we tell her that we can’t wait to be able to walk together, she adds Benedetta, 23 years old. I came with some companions and teachers to welcome the bishop he says Edoardo, 13 years old, representing his class at the Estimated Schools. I rushed here with the rest of the group from Bovolone, adds Michela, 24, who managed to shake hands with the new bishop. A group of 8 boys comes from Tregnago: We could not wait to meet him and to walk with him confesses Stefano, 22 years old. The youngest of the welcome committee is called Simon and he is 4 years old: We are from the Neocatechumenal Way – explain the parents Giulia and Stefano -. We have already met the bishop in Rieti, during a pilgrimage. We are delighted to welcome him to Verona.

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Verona, the arrival of the new bishop Pompili. Greetings to the faithful