Starting a series of meetings conceived by Federica Botto, spiritual researcher and author of the book “Twin Flames – The journey of the Twin Flames”. Objective: to rediscover love for oneself, for others and for life. It starts on July 10 with the first appointment. Federica Botto: “When the world seems to collapse, we need to remember that there is still something wonderful in store for us”.

In a period in which the planet seems to have reached a point of no return, we wonder about the true meaning of our life. And the need emerges to rediscover what makes it unique and wonderful: Love and Beauty. This is how the experiential seminars of Federica Botto, spiritual researcher and author of the volume “Twin Flames – The journey of the Twin Flames” were born. Meetings aimed at rediscovering the Love that we are, the Love that surrounds us and the Love in store for us. “We are all destined for Wonder – explains the author – and the Universe guides us in this”.

The meetings begin on 10 July in the splendid setting of AlagoMood, on Lake Avigliana, in the Regional Natural Park of the same name on the outskirts of Turin. The choice of this location is not accidental: it is located, in fact, at the foot of the Sacra di San Michele, an architectural complex perched on the summit of Mount Pirchiriano, which has now become a destination for many readers of “Twin Flames”. A place of extraordinary beauty and profound meaning.

The cycle of seminars is titled “Travels in Love” and develops in various appointments, in which the participants are guided to rediscover the beauty of Being and living. Insights, reflections, sharing, movement, but above all “immersion in wonder”, are the ingredients of each proposed experience.

The first stage of the journey to rediscover Beauty and Love is entitled “The Goddess in you”: the rediscovery of female energy, between spirituality and sensuality. Beauty in the Essence, in the Presence and in the Movement.

The event will be held on 10 July and will be dedicated to women. As Federica Botto says “Every woman is beautiful, unique and special and she deserves to remember it. Every woman aware of her own value, she learns to defend it and nothing can hinder her in achieving her dreams. Too often we allow others to define us and we forget our wonder. Instead there is beauty in each of us. And it is not dictated by our physical appearance or our condition, but by the ‘Light that we are’. It is the feelings we embrace, the truth we speak, the goodness we choose, the good we do, the hand we extend to others, the courage we have, that make us beautiful. And there is beauty not only in us, but also around us. We are often just too distracted to notice. We are all Love, and All is Love for All. Traveling in Love means just that “.

The theme of Twin Flameswhich in recent months has been attracting a lot of media attention, will be at the center of the next appointment. The seminar on Twin Flames will give space to in-depth information on the topic and answers to the questions that are arousing growing curiosity. “The Twin Flames reveal to us how everything we seek outside of us actually already exists in us – explains the author – and how everything that is destined for us always finds a way to reach us, thanks to the Universe”.

The “Travels of Love” then continue with a meeting entitled “You worth”, Dedicated to Love for oneself and for life, and to the Love of the Universe for us. The path ends, then, by re-establishing the connection with the Whole: “The universe speaks to You”, To the discovery of signs, numbers and synchronicity. Rediscovering yourself as part of a universe in continuous evolution and in continuous symbiosis and communication with each of us.

“What is rising is called the ‘wave of love’ or ‘gentle revolution’ and it really seems unstoppable – concludes Federica Botto – there is a desire for Love, there is a need to love and be loved, as never before. In a historical period in which every certainty falters and everything seems to be destroyed, Love still knows how to build bridges of trust and hope. So: may it be Love! ”.

The calendar of events is constantly updated on the dedicated website www.tuabbifede.it


Federica Botto now lives and works in Turin. She has been a model since she was a girl, she has also worked in cinema with Dario Argento and for television, with Fabio Volo. She then she specialized in the organization of international sporting events and in emotional and experiential marketing after graduating in public relations and advertising. For years she has been active in the social sector, serving the homeless and the suffering, she worked for Prince Albert of Monaco for his “Star Team For The Children”. Having discovered her own Twin Flame, she is a new generation spiritual seeker. In addition to having written the book “Twin Flames”, she is the author of “Tu Vali” and of the macro project “Tu have faith” and the “Workshop of miracles”. Contacts and information: www.tuabbifede.it