Toulouse. Grand masters, obediences… Two days to learn all about Freemasonry

François Boucq will be one of the guests of the Masonic Salon in Toulouse, Saturday November 26 and Sunday November 27, 2022. (©DR)

The 7e edition of the Masonic Salon of Toulouse will be held on Saturday November 26 and Sunday November 27, 2022 at the Espaces Vanel in Toulouse and will bring together authors, designers and philosophers around the theme: “Transmit and rebuild”.

Grand Masters Forum

The Toulouse Institute of Masonic Studies (ITEM) has concocted, with the support of the City of Toulouse, the Haute-Garonne Departmental Council, the Occitanie Regional Council and with the Ombres Blanches bookstore, a rich and captivating program: 11 conferences and round tables, experts in contemporary thought , a forum of the Grand Masters of the various Masonic persuasions, two exhibitions and music.

“Transmit and rebuild”

Freemasonry, the organizers remind us, “questions what was, what is, to imagine and participate in what will be”.

In the context of a global questioning immersed in health, food, societal and international crises, it will be interesting to listen to the enlightened interventions of leading intellectuals and thinkers, around this double and fascinating theme: “Transmitting and rebuilding “.

“Transmitting and rebuilding what unites beings only. Transmitting the art of building and rebuilding footbridges or bridges by refusing walls and ramparts. »

Gerard SoulierCommissioner General of the Masonic Salon of Toulouse

Many of them will come to launch avenues of reflection. Saturday November 26, 2022, the philosophers Francis Wolff and Jean-Pierre Mayeux will question “The reason of the Universal”: “Above opinions, moral or religious convictions, there are universal values: reason, science, the equality of all human beings, etc. These values ​​today are in bad shape”, notes the first.

Emmanuel Kreishistorian and author, will return to the invention of the Masonic plot and Sylvain Pirona historian specializing in the Middle Ages, on liberalism as a “biblical myth”.

Thinking about freedom of expression with François Boucq

Professor at the Sorbonne, specialist in Germany, Yohann Chapoutot, will draw up intriguing bridges between Nazi organizational techniques and those found today within companies: “Management, a natural child of Nazism? “. Not to miss.

Videos: currently on Actu

More will follow: Pierre Mollier, Yves Saez, Jacques Orefice, Celine Marty (which will delve into the essential work of André Gorz) or even Jacques Ravenneauthor and screenwriter.

A “rugby and fraternity” debate

Sunday, November 27, 2022, Olivier Bétournehistorian and author of numerous works on the French Revolution, will explore the idea of ​​the Republic in all its forms, while the sociologist Alain Policar will defend the idea of ​​plural Universalism.

We will exchange on “rugby and fraternity”, we will discuss jazz and spirituality with Jean-Marc Padovani, François Beck and Thierry Gonzales.

Finally, the “Trace of Liberty” exhibition by Francois Boucq, unveiled at the José-Cabanis Media Library on November 10, 2022 will end on the 27th – the last opportunity, therefore, to see the courtroom drawings on the Charlie trial and other works by this award-winning cartoonist. Not to miss.

Jean Claude Simon

7e Masonic Salon of Toulouse, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November 2022 at Espaces Vanel.
1, allée Jacques Chaban-Delmas, on the top floor of Arche Marengo.
Detailed program on the ITEM website.

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Toulouse. Grand masters, obediences… Two days to learn all about Freemasonry