To desert the fight against the logic of capital is to betray Chavez

If we wanted to summarize the thought of Comandante Chávez in a single sentence, this would be: “The Struggle Against the Logic of Capital”. Everything, his political testament, the Plan of the Fatherland, his last actions, his speeches lead to this phrase.

Substituting the logic of capital, the spirit, the ideality, the conscience, the conduct of capital is the strategic objective of a Revolution. Capital is based on selfishness, profit above any other consideration, the dehumanization of the human, turning it into a commodity, into a thing. This logic leads humanity to its own destruction; the needs of capital are imposed on the needs of humans, forests are extinguished, oceans are polluted, the climate is damaged, nature is attacked in a thousand ways, the necessary conditions for life are destroyed, the climate is altered… and the capital prevents this course from being corrected. He only cares about reproducing, increasing his coffers. The rulers, all of them, are their slaves.

Chávez understood that under the logic of capital, humanity is lost, and he denounced the danger, he understood that the core of the human problem was capitalism, and against that system he directed all his actions, his most evolved thinking. That is why he is great, that is why history was made, because he knew how to get rid of the mediocrity of the puppet rulers of capital.

Their successors, or should we say their deformers, desert the fight against the logic of capital, hand over social property like puppets and by doing so create the material conditions for the emergence of spirituality, capitalist behavior. For example, when they hand over the sambil, it is not only the economic fact, the important thing is the ideality that is supported there, when they secretly privatize what was social property, they are creating fertile ground for capitalist spirituality, when they take the companies of the State to the stock market, it is giving a stab at Chavez thought and action. The logic of capital returned to its empire with the betrayal of madurismo, that was not why Chávez entrusted them, it was not why he obtained the votes that elected them. Now, with these people, the logic of capital is stronger than ever, its effect is seen in daily life: everything has a price, the material and the spiritual, the truth is bought and sold, reputations the same, every social movement it is an economic transaction, the days summarized in the slogan are back, there is no free lunch, the rattle is common currency, everything has a price below the table…

Now, there is no room for deception, that no one says that they are madurista and that they are Chavista, that does not exist. The true Chavista has to, must, be against the madurismo that has done so much damage to the country and to Comandante Chávez. It is not enough to put the edited videos of Chávez on the programs, it is not enough to call oneself a Chavista, we have to open our eyes, in a short time, and without us realizing it, Chavismo will be completely erased, they already did it with the fundamentals of their thought. What remains to be done, as Miqui, el de la Vega, says, is for a Yeltsin to come and establish capitalism by blood and fire, without pretense, down the middle street. And that day the madurismo will realize that capital does not accept limits, it is not controllable, and it pays like the devil.


To desert the fight against the logic of capital is to betray Chavez