Tips to live better: From the interior to living together as a couple

Fear, restlessness and stress became a response to face situations of change or crisis. According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the pandemic caused by covid-19 left negative mental and emotional effects on the population.

doBy what to live better?

Throughout life, the human being has been characterized by having a progress in which all aspects of life have been fundamental for evolution, among these aspects are: health, social, family, love and life as a couple. Therefore, it is usual to look for ways to be better and fully. “In the end, everything we do we do to be better, we feed ourselves for health, to satisfy needs and joys.

We don’t just do sports to exercise but for something deeper. For this reason, everything we do has the same horizon, to be well and feel better”, mentions Andrés Londoño, a Colombian entrepreneur and coach made by hand, experiences and heart, who at 39 years of age has been betting on showing why it is essential to connect reason with spirituality to live better.

But what principles can be applied to live better?

Tips for to have a better style of life

Maintaining a lifestyle in which everything is aligned or in accordance with your interests can become somewhat more complicated, however, coach Andrés Londoño has developed some rabbits that you can integrate into your life to feel whole.

Bet on living from the inside

Connecting from the inside to live from the essence, being more aware in each act, thinking and reflecting on the aspects of life will help you live better.

This tip is found more widely in the book “Butterflies of my mind: 30 principles to grow in being”.

Find balance as a couple

Although success can be achieved from the individual, being able to share it with someone brings greater happiness to the human being. Therefore, the essential principles to achieve this are good communication, intimacy, teamwork, fidelity, romance, managing finances and spirituality. In the book “It’s not easy, but it’s worth it: Testimony of a happy marriage”, he takes the reader to a deep level of a different love: from the spirit and not a physical or mental love, indicates the Londoño.

Change the perspective regard to the success

Success is easier than you think and thinking that way will make your process easier. If you think it’s easy, so be it! In the book “Let’s talk about success”, the author extends the invitation to have a fresh and fun conversation about one of the most difficult and extensive topics in life: Success.

To flow with the life Y to understand the beginning

According to Andrés, the human being is in constant discussion with existence: due to the rain, due to gravity or the temperament of people, among thousands of other things. That is why he invites us to think more deeply about the reality of life and about its existence to raise the level of consciousness and contribute to the greatest search of the human being: fullness.

On the other hand, for Londoño, the importance of the principles lies in the fact that, if we understand and apply them, the results will be positive by aligning ourselves with the natural flow of creation, which is perfect and designed for fulfillment, while contrary to the natural flow leads to adverse results.

This is evidenced in his book “365 principles and thoughts for comprehensive success”, in which he shares each principle or thought in a simple way in the form of a sentence, so that we read them as many times as necessary until they are memorized and installed in the subconscious.

Tips to live better: From the interior to living together as a couple