Through the streets of Ibla, the evocative procession of the Addolorata

On one side the baroque of Ibla, on the other the simulacrum of the Addolorata. All around a muffled silence. Full of emotions. Feelings that cannot be explained too much in words. Only those who are present can testify how certain suggestions touch the strings of their own sensitivity. Regardless of whether you are a believer or not. These are the extraordinary moments of which the procession of Maria Santissima Addolorata in Ragusa Ibla is rightly part.

The slow march yesterday afternoon of the simulacrum of the crying Mother among the Unesco monuments, with the alleys that exude a particular charm, framing the faithful in procession, all in obsequious silence, to punctuate every stretch of the way, represents a singular experience and unrepeatable. In the city, only in this festival is it possible to find such an experience. Very intimate. In which the charge of spirituality and the mysticism of faith constitute a unique element.

Elements that, this year, after the pandemic period, have returned to resurface and relive to better fathom the subtle nuances of everyone’s creed. And it is no coincidence that the religious event in question is to be counted among the oldest in the baroque village of Ragusa. Also this time, the procession, led by the parish priest of the Duomo, the priest Pietro Floridia, and which started from the church of Santa Maria dell’Itria, did not betray the expectations, gathering around it a substantial number of devotees, the same ones who preceded by the statue of the Virgin with candles, accompanying the fercolo through the alleys and lanes. The procession, accompanied by the band body San Giorgio Città di Ragusa, unfolded along the narrow streets adjacent to the church of Santa Maria dell’Itria.

Then, in Piazza della Repubblica, in front of the church of the Holy Souls of Purgatory, the simulacrum was placed on the mobile trolley. And from here the procession continued through the streets of the Baroque quarter. In addition, taking up the tradition, there was a stop inside the Cathedral of San Giorgio, with a moment dedicated to a special Marian prayer. A pregnant rite, characterized by an intense sacredness and spirituality. The solemn moment of the celebrations that, throughout the week, animated the religious fervor of this area of ​​Ibla, was followed with extreme participation by the faithful who renewed their affection for the weeping Mother. The simulacrum returned to the church after about two hours.

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Through the streets of Ibla, the evocative procession of the Addolorata