Three styles for a Christmas, a texture of colors and softness at the sweetest time of the year

Space for white, green, red; but also silver, rigorously brushed. With the most iconic shades of the Christmas period, the home he (re) dresses with Westwing of the hottest atmosphere of the year. And if it is true that the home, by image and feeling, is (also) the identity card of personal taste, the question arises: what Christmas are you? Three styles for one holiday: traditionalfor lovers of customs and traditions; Shabby Chic, for those who know how to make room for regenerating creativity; and finally, White Christmas, dedicated to devotees of spirituality. Et voilà: the house – of course living room, table and bedroom – is woven with a three-thread weave, an intertwining that builds environments rich in personality. Thus, with savoir faire authentic, these three faces of Christmas elegantly distort the domestic landscape for twenty days, building an iconic painting ready to avoid indifference to make room for magic. The American columnist Marjorie Holmes, also the signature of 134 books cataloged among the best sellers of all overseas bookstores, about Christmas, wrote: “At Christmas, all roads lead home”. Yes, the relationship between living and the holidays is a pillar of style. You need the right tablecloth, the right pillow cover, the right table: it is forbidden to make mistakes. But let’s get to the point. We cross three figurative styles for three essential environments: traditional accents in the bedroom and in the hall; and trends à la modein the dining room and along the promenade housekeeper. Calculations in hand: the multiplication “style by room” results in beauty, while reversing the order of the factors.

Traditional Christmas: armchair in creamy white Teddy fabric

Armchair in cream white Teddy fabric

Space for relaxation, especially during the holidays. At Christmas, with smartphone notifications in silence and the computer strictly off, it is good to get a corner devoted to rest. The Teddy fabric armchair, an icon of traditional taste, is perfect for creating a quiet, secluded reading corner, even in an open and busy environment. From the bedroom to the living room, the small armchair with sinuous lines and soft padding is easily declined, ensuring a quiet space even during the thrill of the holidays. Available in several versions – fabric, fur, velvet – and in several colors, the furniture is able to catalyze the attention of the family, becoming a station for dozing or experiencing moments of absolute personal spirituality.

Traditional Christmas: two decorative pillowcases in Jolly fabric

Two decorative pillowcases in Jolly velvet

Part of the new Westwing winter collection, the pair of velvet pillowcases framed from edge to thread and stitched with striped cord deeply characterize the bedroom and living room. Placing itself on the sofa at home or on the bed in the private room, the piece of furniture is also agreat gift idea for Christmas: synthesis of decoration and functionality, it perfectly follows the traditional style that paints the house with two key colors of the holidays. The details make the difference. The pillow cases stand out thanks to the quality print that displays a Christmas motto – Merry Christmas – and transforms the fabric into a personalized ornament that tastes of party. Westwing’s collection of Christmas yarns has been designed to be transversal: all the pillowcases on the market can be combined with each other, creating a vintage mood and a look adapté.

Shabby Chic Christmas: handmade beige tableware

Thalia handmade beige crockery

Thalia, and imprecision is beauty. This handmade tableware series is an expression of high craftsmanship, which defines the aesthetics of the Shabby Chic style. From the laboratory to the table, each piece, with attention to detail, represents the refined taste of the workmanship studied starting from shape and color. The material that makes up the set is indestructible stoneware. In particular, the Christmas table will have 4 flat plates, 4 dessert plates and 4 bowls for cereals. Each product is unique, an artifact that ranges from wabi-sabi creativity and aesthetics. Thus, the trend is served on the table!

Shabby Chic Christmas: Oslo sheepskin rug

Smooth Oslo sheepskin

The Shabby Chic house takes care of the domestic walk in detail (also). Thus, in the rooms that are built around creativity and the important idea of ​​reuse, the New Zealand sheepskin rug is the piece of furniture that speaks of winter and Christmas; and that creates a warm, very hot corner to spend time with your feet resting on softness. “Ivory sheepskin is not snow-white,” reads its official description, “as the density of the hair causes shading that can make the fur appear slightly yellowish.” Depending on where the carpet is located, the piece of furniture will change its image thanks to the interaction of the material with the light. But – be careful – it is good to protect it from the sun’s rays so as not to lose its original shade.

White Christmas: Mabel marble square coffee table

Square marble coffee table

But let’s get to the most spiritual style of all: White Christmas. And let’s pass the microphone. How many internationally renowned songwriters, from Bing Crosby to Michael Bublé, have given voice to the famous jingle White Christmas? Lots of them. Yet, going beyond musical boundaries, White Christmas is also a style that we match with the house dressed up for the holidays. To characterize its aesthetics, Westwing signs the square Mabel marble coffee table. Very elegant, the furniture protagonist of the living room combines the rigor of travertine with the softness of a wide and rounded support. Yes, the four legs of the low table give the living room a unique and graceful look. And since marble is a completely natural material, even in this case, imperfection is beauty.

White Christmas: brushed matte silver cutlery set

Matt silver cutlery set

White Christmas also for the Shimmer cutlery set. Made of high quality stainless steel (which also keeps bacteria away), they feature a matte brushed silver finish that lends an elegant aesthetic to the party table. Refined design and tapered handles, the service concentrates in itself the softness of the curves and the grace of the details. Knife, fork and spoon adapt perfectly to the hands that are about to dine, showing off a slightly rounded shape.

White Christmas: blown glass vase with UMA chrome reflections

Blown glass vase with UMA chrome reflections

White Christmas style also for the vase with UMA chrome reflections. Yes, for this winter collection, Westwing decided to transform the flower pedestal into an open chest made of blown glass. A synthesis of elegance and trend, the container that ranges the shades that bind two ways black to transparency is officially a decoration of the house that owes everything to spirituality, to silence. The light shades command and create a space devoted to the party.

Three styles for a Christmas, a texture of colors and softness at the sweetest time of the year