They carry out “Franciscan Coexistence” after two years in Caacupé

The call was at the country level and there was a massive presence of Franciscan faithful who were very happy to see each other again. The first meeting was held in the Basilica Sanctuary of Our Lady of Miracles in Caacupé, where they went to receive the blessing of the Virgin of Caacupé. Later, they carried out the procession to the Cristo Rey School, where they carried out the activities.

Federico Gayoso Oggero President of the Franciscan Family of Paraguay, stated that he believes that what Saint Francis has always repeated during his life is fulfilled. For this reason, today Franciscans from different parts of the country came “to share as brothers, because that is what Saint Francis wants and that is what characterizes us, unity and brotherhood.”

He also explained that each “brother”, whether religious, priest, friar or layman, is part of the dioceses and regions, which divide the fraternities of Franciscan families and, in addition, he mentioned that through San Francisco they reached Caacupé.

He also expressed: “Today more than ever we are here with the blessing of our mother, the Virgin of Caacupé.”

He stressed, at another time, that “the Lord brought them to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Caacupé, to receive his blessing.” In addition, he mentioned that he asked the “Virgencita” to intercede for them to move forward.

Likewise, he stressed that the city of Caacupé has a lot to do with the history of San Francisco, since there is a lot of history of the first Franciscans with the colony, and then until today like Fray Luis de Bolaños and so many other missionaries who form part of this legacy.

He said: “This meeting makes us very happy because it brings together an entire country and the spirituality of Saint Francis is very great.”

“We can say that all of us here in Paraguay are children of Saint Francis of Assisi,” he added.

He stressed that the Franciscans are characterized by the joy they have and that is why they always greet each other with the expression “Peace and Good” which “means opening the heart”.

Jorge Daniel Britos, Franciscan Tor, indicated that “the Franciscan family is a mixture of everything, because in coexistence there are friars, sisters, priests, youth and children, because Francis knew how to adapt Christian spirituality to the different areas of life.”

Regarding the meeting in the sanctuary of Caacupé, he pointed out that it is a “mystic”, because the Sanctuary of Caacupé “is the house of our mother and the devotion to the Immaculate Conception is something very special.”

For its part, Mirtha Ferreira One of the organizers indicated that they always organize themselves with many activities to share with young people, children and adults, and thus strengthen ties.

On this occasion they have enthusiastically prepared for a day full of joy, with prayers, songs and dynamic games with the entire Franciscan family. The activities were carried out at the Cristo Rey School starting at 9:30, with games for the children, as well as sharing stories and experiences, and later they held the celebration and ended at 12:00 with the synodal lunch.

He mentioned that this activity is carried out annually and this year they have chosen the city of Caacupé, because they wanted to receive the blessing of the Virgin for the whole family and all the projects that are coming. He stressed that the organization is very united and thanked the support and accompaniment of the Franciscans, since the activities were carried out successfully.

Alma Solis, One of the youth representatives expressed her emotion for the reunion, since they meet after so long.

She indicated that since she was a child she has participated in meetings with her family, for which she has practically grown up with the teachings of the Franciscan family and thanks to that she has learned a lot, for which she stressed that coexistence has a very important meaning for her formation as person.

Likewise, he stressed that the Franciscans “are all like brothers” and that they have already shared many difficult moments, such as the loss of faithful that covid-19 took, but – he indicated – despite so many difficult moments, they have always helped each other and They managed to get up. “Among us there is no inequality, we are all equal and camaraderie is essential,” said the young woman.

They carry out “Franciscan Coexistence” after two years in Caacupé – Nationals – ABC Color