These are some rituals and cleaning for the New Year

The spiritual consultant, Sandra Pinal, recommended some rituals and cleanses to perform on the night of December 31 and with the arrival of the New Year.

“Rituals are part of us, it is looking for the push we need to fulfill a dream, a goal or get rid of that bad energy that overwhelms us. In my case, we carry out protections, open paths, rituals to find the loved one, ”he explained.

He said that what they ask of him the most are rituals related to work or health, “although previously we recommend a Tarot consultation to find out which path we should follow since each person is different.”

clothes we no longer wear

Take out of our closet or wardrobe all the clothes that we no longer wear, if you have clothes that have been stored for a year, it is a fact that you will not use them and you are only stagnating energy, so it is time to donate them. That will release the energy and you will make way for something new.

Clean the house

“My grandmother used to say: The devil is under the furniture” and she was referring to dust, which is why it is advisable to clean all surfaces and wash floors. It is a way to welcome the new year, the same thing happens when we have a party or we are going to receive a friend or relative, we do a mega cleaning of the house so that it smells delicious and feels comfortable.

Put something sweet and salty on the table

On the table put everything a little, sweet and salty, it can be with a cake, sweet bread, chocolates, bonbons, ham rolls, cheese, peanuts. But our table must have both because life is like that, sometimes sweet or salty, but the scale must always be balanced, we need the salty to appreciate the sweet in life.

shoe with money

Put a bill in our right shoe so that we don’t lack money, what we do is a ritual of mastery of money in this simple way.

bag with seeds

Put a bag of seeds in our wallet so that we don’t lack money to feed ourselves.


In the New Year, toast with sparkling golden drinks, preferably so that money is not lacking.


Put flowers throughout the house or on the table, yellow for money, red for love, purple for transmutation or white for spirituality.

“Something that I always recommend to everyone that before performing a ritual they do a small meditation to thank that they are here and now. Because gratitude is the main thing for us to flow in a better way”, highlighted Sandra.

Clean for New Years

Sandra Pinal pointed out that there are several types of cleansing, from the classic egg cleansing that our grandmothers made, the bouquet cleanses and even the fire cleanses.

“We do several spiritual cleanses for our clients, we go from the bouquet, fire, cleaning baths, personalized candles, breaks. We have a wide range of spiritual cleansing because it depends on the circumstances of each person. Likewise, spiritual cleaning is also done for houses or businesses so that the energy begins to flow, ”he said.

Among the elements that he uses for the cleanses are the spiritual bath, ritual drink, dust that opens paths and candles.

But if what you are looking for is to get a clean before the 12 bells ring, these are the ones he recommends:

personal cleaning bath

In a cup put sea salt, do not use refined salt, cinnamon powder and honey or chocolate powder and mix all the ingredients.

From head to toe they have to bathe with all this mixture, while they visualize how all the bad energy leaves their body and goes down the drain.

You also pass the mixture on the soles of your feet from back to front three times, this is so that the paths open up.

“Let’s remember that salt is one of the most important purification elements, cinnamon is a transmuter of energy and honey, as well as chocolate, is for sweetening,” he said.

House, room or business cleaning

We need cinnamon or copal incense, but if we don’t have it, we can use the aroma of our preference.

We light our incense, we are going to enter through the door of our house, room or business on the right to exit on the left, then pass our incense everywhere to clean our space saying: “No evil will touch me, no bad vibes will come towards me”.

Sandra also commented on the results she has had with some people, such as a woman who did not have a job, so she cleaned her bouquet after an Ori Bibo (feed her spirit or strengthen it), they marked her to offer her a teaching vacancy in a high school.

“A boy listened to the advice of the letters and left a relationship where he was only financially abused, now he is calmer and happier with himself. The results vary in each consulted, because it may be that they only needed advice, others may need a more spiritual ritual treatment ”, he added.

These are some rituals and cleaning for the New Year