There will be a Christmas concert for the restoration of the Cathedral of San Nicolás on Public TV

The Cathedral of San Nicolás will offer the community the gift of a fascinating encounter with the
music “Remedios para el Alma”, which will be broadcast on December 25 at 4:00 p.m. on Public TV.

The community has been making a great effort to rebuild its temple receiving the help
disinterested in the entire city, companies and organizations.

Today with a deep Christmas Spirit, the Cathedral as a sign of gratitude wants to give us
together with the National Public Television an unprecedented and high-flying show on the day
of the birth of Jesus.

There will be a Christmas concert for the restoration of the Cathedral of San Nicolás on Public TV

Remedios para el Alma is a production by Ave Fénix Musica in joint action between a group of great musicians led by Lito Vitale, Nahuel Pennisi, Manuel Wirtz and the soprano Vanina Vanola, among other great talents from our country, with a projected stage in immersive reality made by Peón Producciones and Hernán Roperto.

This action also intends to give continuity and opportunity to all those who want to contribute their
grain of sand in the reconstruction of the temple, which is the heart of the city and a symbol of union
among Nicoleños, from faith, spirituality and the meaning of the historical heritage of
our deepest roots.

The Cathedral reappears from a continuous restoration work and the commitment of
numerous companies and institutions and once again gives us the chance to be part, from the
individual, as a citizen, providing a personal contribution and being oneself, a link
essential for this reconstruction.

Let us remember that a fierce intentional fire, which occurred on January 26, 2017, destroyed
much of the building, with this fact this temple, located in the heart of the city was
brutally desecrated, thus losing more than 200 years of history and then for a time had
to remain with their doors closed.

On December 25 at 4:00 p.m. on Public TV, this different Christmas celebration will be seen, which will reach the heart of the community, with the purpose of renewing the meaning of our symbols, in the midst of the territory of a Church that opens its doors and which becomes a public space with a resonance charged with history and sacredness.

This event will be a unique and unforgettable experience that turns the space of the Cathedral into a place for everyone, it will be possible to observe effects of texture and color on the walls, on the ceiling and on the
dome, generating a true sensory environment never seen before. The music will flood everyone
its corners and great talents of our beloved Argentina will raise their voices in a format
original, spectral, unique, of singular beauty, worthy of a moment in which all
Argentines need to be united from our symbols, our achievements and our identity.

It will be an opportunity to travel with the family and from the comfort of home, a geography that we have never experienced in this way, combining the word of specialists, the beautiful sound of music and the display of unprecedented aesthetic resources.

Hopefully this type of initiatives that promote citizen construction, the
union through common projects and the purpose of caring for our heritage, giving it another
resonance to history and a renewed sense of the spirituality of our time.

You can be part of the reconstruction. All donations for the restoration of our Cathedral must be made through transfer or bank deposit to the account of the Bishopric of San Nicolás de los Arroyos

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There will be a Christmas concert for the restoration of the Cathedral of San Nicolás on Public TV