The woods of the future structure of Notre

Mgr Olivier Ribadeau Dumas, rector of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, proceeded Thursday, December 15 to the blessing of the logs, these tree trunks that will be used to rebuild the framework of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. The brush was given at the very heart of the Perrault brothers workshops, a renowned heritage restoration company based in the heart of the Mauges, in Saint-Laurent-de-la-Plaine (49) and whose mission will be to rebuild the framework of the choir. of Notre Dame.

Notre-Dame de Paris has an immense heritage dimension but we cannot deny its religious dimension

Notre-Dame, “a unique site”

Beams made entirely by hand, in the medieval manner, by knackers who also wished to have their work tools blessed. Bishop Ribadeau Dumas was extremely touched. “I want to bless these woods, signs of the generosity of all those who gave these oaks, but above all I want to bless these companions who give themselves in a very special way to this work. They are well aware – and I was very moved when they came to see me to have their axes blessed – that they were working on a very special building. A unique site. It is not a heritage item but a place full of meaning, which has a very special soul. deep. It is with great emotion that we are entering a new stage”, declared the rector of the cathedral who responded to the invitation of Jean-Baptiste Bonhoure, director-general of the Perrault brothers workshops. “Notre-Dame de Paris has an immense heritage dimension, but we cannot deny its religious dimension. It “forces” us and brings us back to what is simplest in spirituality: blessing. It therefore seemed important to me to celebrate this moment.”

Mgr Ribadeau Dumas blesses the logs, Saint-Laurent-de-la-Plaine, 12/15/2022 ©Public institution responsible for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame

This blessing therefore sounds like the real kick-off for the reconstruction of the roof of Notre-Dame, after several months of study and preparatory work. “Work in the workshop will take place during the first half of 2023. Pre-assembled then disassembled at the Perrault workshop, the structural trusses will be delivered to the foot of the cathedral for assembly during the second half of 2023”said Philippe Jost, deputy director general of the public establishment responsible for the conservation and restoration of Notre-Dame who had also made the trip that day.

The knackers of the Perrault workshops

The knackers of the Perrault workshops ©Karoll Petit / Ateliers Perrault

Other works in progress: great organ and stained glass windows

“At the same time, other projects are underway. The great organ will be reassembled at the beginning of next year. We are coming out of this administrative period and we are truly entering into production. We feel that things are progressing and this gives us confidence that we will meet the deadline of 2024 for the reopening of the cathedral to the public.”, he concluded. The Perrault workshops are not the only Angers craftsmen to work on the construction site of the century. Those of the Asselin company, famous for having rebuilt the Hermione frigate, are tasked with rebuilding the Viollet-le-Duc spire. The master glassmakers of the Barthe-Bordereau workshops in Angers will be responsible for bringing the stained glass windows of the spire and transept back to life.

The woods of the future structure of Notre-Dame de Paris have been blessed | RCF