The three cardinals bless the cults of maya, Pachamama and sun god

Chronicles from the Catapagan Church. The Pachamama was not an oddity brought to the Vatican for the Synod of the Amazon, but a real cult that the Church itself is spreading. In Panama three cardinals (all three fresh from their caps thanks to Pope Francis) attend the Mayan ritual with god-mother-father, the Pachamama and a special reverence to the sun god. And the Bishops’ Conference broadcasts live while the faithful protest.

It was easy to be a prophet: the cult of the Pachamama it was not an oddity exported from Latin America on the occasion of the Synod for the Amazon held in the Vatican in 2019. No, it is now a cult promoted at the episcopal level along with legacies of Mayan rituals. And it can happen that Macedonian “pseudoliturgies”, which mix the Our Father with the sacred book of the Maya and the prayer to Pachamama it’s at “God mother father“, Can take place in an ecclesial context with theimprimatur of the Episcopal Conference and the presence of three cardinals.

Panama. The VII symposium of theology India, the Holy Spirit and the original peoples.

Among the various activities carried out the Mayan rite transmitted by the Episcopal Conference of Panama is noteworthy. For those who feel like it here you can see the video which lasts an hour and a half. For those who trust and do not want to gnaw their guts, it is enough to know that there is nothing sacred: it is a wordy and symbolist concentrate of polytheistic pagan rites, candles and national flags. Stuff to go back over the centuries to when the Church opposed the Gospel to the beliefs of pre-Colombian populations. And when it comes to belief, we must not forget human sacrifices. Instead this time it is the Church itself that promotes a vague spirituality of populations whose religiosity was not really to be imitated.

For the record – and in future memory of the Conclave – the cardinals present were: Arizmendi Esquivel, created cardinal by Pope Francis in 2020, José Luis Lacunza Maestrojuán, former president of the Panamanian Episcopal Conference and entered the Sacred College thanks to Bergoglio in 2015 and Álvaro Leonel Ramazzini Imeri, archbishop of Huehuetenango, in Guatemala to whom the Pope has given the purple in 2019.

Their presence as mere spectators places them as passive assistants of the ritual, instead conducted by other people who gradually take part in the Mayan ritual complete with a sacred book of the indigenous population.

Some faithful they wrote a letter to the bishops of the country to complain. And with good reason. “This type of rites are not acceptable compared to what the Church has always taught and continues to do as part of the deposit of faith transmitted by the Apostles”.

More concretely, it is configured by the participantsa violation of the first commandment, that “you will have no other God besides me“That goes so badly with”pachamame “ and ancestral divinities linked to the cult of the earth.

Instead, pure idolatry below the gaze of three cardinals desired by the Pope.

The faithful also emphasize the gravity of the expressiongod mother father”As if it were a higher divinity of a pantheistic nature. “A blasphemy against the Holy Spirit”.

Finally, after invoking the Pachamama there was also space – come, there is room – even for a special reverence to the sun, as if it were a deity to whom honor and veneration could be dedicated.

It goes without saying that the letter wonders how it can be reconciled this neo-pagan and syncretistic ritual with 2000 years of saints of the Church, some of them martyrs, who evangelized precisely by opposing pagan idolatry. “Today they are offended and humiliated by this paraliturgy”: Saint Isaac Jogues, Saint Francis Xavier, Saint Patrick, Saint Justin.

One would also wonder how they do it these faithful and these cardinals to still remain at “free foot” while the faithful who ask to celebrate Mass according to the extraordinary form – including the priests themselves – are branded as crazy traditionalists, are impeded in their rights and ultimately are so much opposed. Which is actually nothing more than a rhetorical question.

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The three cardinals bless the cults of maya, Pachamama and sun god