The secret of smallness. Commentary for Marriages: Luke 9, 46


The smallest of you is the most important.
Reading of the holy Gospel according to Saint Luke 9, 46-50

At that time, a discussion arose among the disciples about who would be the most important.
Then Jesus, knowing the thoughts of their hearts, took a little boy by the hand, placed him beside him, and said to them:
“Whoever welcomes this child in my name welcomes me; and he who welcomes me, he welcomes the one he sent me. For the smallest of you is the most important.
Then Juan took the word and said:
«Master, we have seen someone who cast out demons in your name and, since he is not one of us, we wanted to prevent him».
Jesus replied:
“Do not prevent him: he who is not against you is for you.”

Lord’s word.

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The secret of smallness.

The path to perfection is not in knowing a lot or in reaching great spiritual experiences, or in having advanced a lot in our behaviors. Perfection is in humility, because the more humble one is, the more God can act in us, and this will lead us to charity, which is the most perfect virtue. Knowing ourselves small makes us great because of the influence and action of God in us.
The path of perfection has a lot to do with reaching the three degrees of humility, Saint Teresa tells us. The first is to be submissive to obedience, the second to know that I am worse than many and to detect the virtue in others or if I do not see it, suppose that it is there but that I am not able to see it, and the third degree is to know that I am worse than all, to be convinced that it.
For this reason, in our journey of faith, there is no room for quarrels between the different charisms or different groups of the Church. Because as a group we are not better either. They are not against us, they are for us.

Landed to married life:

Ana: You have to see how much my husband and I have fought to put ourselves above each other, and how much we now want to hold each other down. We have a hard time getting it, but we want it.
Carmen: It’s true, Ana. I remember seeing you argue so much… there was a competitiveness between you that made it very unpleasant to be with you.
Ana: Yes, how proud! Then we started our spiritual path and pride entered that way, we thought we knew more than others, we thought we were more pious… What a disaster! We used the things of God to feed our pride.
Carmen: I also remember. You were a little perfect and there was no one to cough at you. But instead now, it’s nice how you welcome so many… how you understand everyone…
Anne: No, Carmen. It’s not us, really. The times we act well is because we don’t act and we let Him act. If you see something good in me, it is because you are not seeing me, because without God I am the same as you knew at the beginning. But I don’t want to be without Him anymore, I can’t be without Him.


This humility is the secret of our spirituality. Thank you for showing it to us and we ask you to give light to those who do not know it. Praise the Lord.

The secret of smallness. Commentary for Marriages: Luke 9, 46-50