The secret behind Bono and Alison Stewart’s 40

The memoirs of Bondtitled Surrender: 40 songs, a story, that have as many chapters, each one with the mention of their best songs. the singer of U2 is expected in Madrid to present them on November 28. Four decades are what he has been married to the only love of his life. He is a living pop rock legend all over the world.

There is in that book Bond patches of pain and infinite sadness; also, of course, moments of glory and happiness on stage. His name is Paul David Hewson and he was born in Dublin sixty-two years ago. The nickname with which he is well known, Bono, comes from the times when he was enrolled in a youth gang, The Lipton Village, whose members, pranksters, distributed snips among all. And Paul David began to be nicknamed “Bono Vox”, which referred to a brand of sonotones, hearing aids for the deaf. Why? He sang with a powerful voice, in such a way that whoever was “hard of hearing” could hear him a league away. The interfect did not like the nickname very much, but he ended up getting used to it.

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The U2 vocalist never wanted to reveal intimate matters, but in “Surrender…” he has uncovered part of his experiences: the main one is his few maternal memories. And that he was fourteen years old when Iris, his father, died in 1974, an age at which we assume that any adolescent retains enough experiences not to forget them. As counted, Bono suffered such a shock when his mother passed away as a result of an aneurysm, which erased the past with her. And that’s what he transfers in her book: “… she died suddenly… after her death they didn’t talk about her at home anymore.” In some of her songs, he reflected the affection he felt towards her, and the orphan in which he had been left in her absence.

Bond He was always a sensitive boy, a lover of poetry, his greatest passion along with chess, a favorite pastime. As his youth progressed, he experienced many religious sensations. His father was a Catholic, his mother an Anglican Protestant. Take into account that they lived in Ireland, in full conflict in Ulster, with a divided society. He had joined a group, Shalom, where he gave free rein to his spirituality. He found it difficult to understand that his country was immersed in a war for political-religious reasons. Kill in the name of God? He did not accept it: he was a convinced pacifist.

Those who succeed in the art world give the impression that it was easy for them to rise to the status of idols. But behind this apparent situation the reality is usually different. It happened to Bono: he couldn’t find a record company for his first songs, accompanied by a group that, in principle, he was going to call The Flying Tigers; in the end they made the decision to be the U2. Part of that denomination would serve Bono to invent an “alter ego”, The Fly; that is, the fly. Flying with his extraordinary imagination, he amused himself by feeling like a dipteran.

Returning to the content of his memoirs: on the eve of the new century, in the year 2000 (when in reality the century was ending and not the beginning of the next, as the arrival of the 21st was mistakenly confused), Bono came face to face with an unexpected family news: I had a secret brother. It was entrusted to him by his father, who would die the following year. Her mother seems to have never found out about her husband’s infidelity. The singer-songwriter experienced a strange sensation. She met his brother (and not his stepbrother as some still insist on writing), and today she maintains a good relationship with him.

It remains to refer to his family life. She was enamored with Alison Stewart in 1976. Both very young. They had to wait to get married, in 1982. They have four children. An idol of the song is prey to the admiration of many girls, especially in the case of the singer of U2. If he has had extramarital experiences in that sense, we speculate, they are not publicly known. What is proven is that Alison continues to be the woman in her life, the wife in love, reciprocated by Bono. It’s rare in the intricate and fickle world of entertainment for a divo of his stature to stay true to his only woman. An example of fidelity. And do not forget that he is a pious man, that given the beliefs – different – of his parents, he has never (or at least what he says) ruled on whether he is Catholic or Protestant.

They live in South Dublin. In Manhattan, New York, Bono has an apartment of his own, in the infamous Dakota building where, on his doorstep, his good friend John Lennon met his death at the hands of a fanatic and schizoid admirer. When 2018 arrived, Bono felt compelled to take a professional break, which lasted a year later with the appearance of the pandemic. His conscience dictated in May of this year to show solidarity with the cause of Ukraine, and he traveled to kyiv, where he had an emotional meeting with President Zelensky, whom he had known for years when he was an actor and clown. How Bono’s immediate future unfolds regarding his musical career, for the moment, is unknown.

The secret behind Bono and Alison Stewart’s 40-year marriage