The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá impresses with its mapping show

Colombia. The Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral, an underground temple built inside the salt mine 180 meters underground and considered the second most impressive place of worship in the world, after the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, continues with its extensive Bet on the digital world.

Mapping Show

The new experiences such as the mapping show is a unique and imposing format that combines art, technology and innovation, impacting the beautiful and majestic rocky architecture of the Salt Cathedral, and the 3D film, an animated short where the interesting history of the formation of the Salt Dome and the exploitation methods that led to the construction of this majestic space by the hand of the human being.

It is worth noting the fluidity of the rhythm of the images, which reach a high degree of rapport with the music, delimiting a dazzling visual dramaturgy, a journey through time, impregnated with lyricism and spirituality.

The performances that are carried out on the heritage or the salt rock, can be impressive, visually and musically spectacular, every hour surprises with the architectural mix and with audiovisual technology, lasting 17 minutes.

The Salt Cathedral ranks second among the 20 most impressive places of worship on the planet. It competed with world-renowned tourist sites and temples such as: The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, The Parthenon in Athens, The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, among others that were part of this publication of the most important search engine on the web, Google.

Starting from the altars that are found on the tour of the Salt Cathedral, it began to give it a more valuable meaning as a religious sanctuary, thus giving a cultural, religious and symbolic value to the Zipaquireños and the tourists who visit the municipality. The first wonder of Colombia offers a unique experience with a mirror of water that is created by the great concentration of salt that is in this place, in the same way, the central point of the cathedral is the salt cross with 16 meters of height and the only one made of this material in the world.

According to the indigenous legend, the salt was discovered by a Muisca boy who, while playing with his friends in the surroundings of the mines, had a stumble, and when he fell his mouth hit a piece of stone which he felt a strange taste. The boy took the piece to his elders, who discovered in it an ideal condiment for their food and a very effective medicine for some ills.

The first wonder of Colombia, the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, is the result of salt deposits in the mountains of the municipality that are more than 200 million years old. It is a mine used as an alternative space, which translates into a rich artistic collection, where the delicacy of the art and the roughness of the mining work result in sculptures carved on salt and marble in an architectural, cultural and natural environment.

This underground temple built on the salt rock at 2,674 meters above sea level is an attraction that receives thousands of tourists. In the construction of this temple, 250,000 tons of rock salt were extracted; 127 miners, 110 carvers and 80 workers worked.

The cathedral offers a guided tour or the miner’s route which is divided into three basic sections: The first is the Way of the Cross, a route consisting of small altars carved in salt rock, which commemorate the Way to Golgotha ​​of Jesus Christ with his cross; the second section is made up of the dome, where you can see the 16-meter-high cross carved in low relief (the largest underground cross in the world) located in the central nave from 145 meters away, from there you can descend toward the balconies over the chambers, the choir, and the labyrinthine stairs of the Narthex. And the final stretch leads to the center of the cathedral, made up of three naves: the birth nave, the life nave and the resurrection nave.

It should be noted that, in 2007, through a contest to choose the 7 Wonders of Colombia, the Salt Cathedral obtained the highest number of votes, making it the number 1 Wonder of Colombia.

The incredible Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, located 50 kilometers north of Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, takes religious architecture to unsuspected limits. A wonderful modern construction made by Roswell Garavito Pearl in the nineties. It is located 180 meters underground, inside a salt mine that has been exploited since 1801, within the Zipaquirá Salt Park, in the department of Cundinamarca, and which is embedded in the Zipa hill at 2,652 meters above sea level.

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The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá impresses with its mapping show