“The Sacred Valley

Monteviasco in Val Veddasca

MACCAGNO, 4 September 2022-The first phase of de “The Sacred Valley – Spirituality Itineraries”the territorial enhancement project of the Veddasca Valley conceived and organized by the Pro Loco of Maccagno in the context of the “Wonders of the territory 2021” tender of the Community Foundation of Varesotto, with the patronage of the Municipality of Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca.

The review of guided itineraries is scheduled the last two proposals for the current year.

The historical itinerary “THE MEMORY OF THE SNOW – Alpine landscapes between past and present” will take place on 10 September. during which Federico Crimi and Elisabetta Cornolò will lead the group of visitors to discover the small mountain church “Madonna della Neve” in Forcora, a prayer destination for shepherds during the high pasture season, from which the walk to the pasture will wind of the mountain pastures to meet the shepherds who still live the territory with their animals and listen to their stories.

The meeting for the participants is at the Church “Madonna della Neve” in Forcora at 3 pm.

The second and last path 2022 is scheduled for September 18, with the naturalistic / theatrical itinerary “PATHS AND LEGENDS OF LIGHT – Lake Delio and Monte Borgna” by Controvento Trekking and Clorofilla Naturopatia who will lead the group on a trekking-walk along the paths and woods around Lake Delio and up to Monte Borgna. The excursion will be accompanied by surprise theatrical performances that will tell the legends of the lake, by Pro Loco Maccagno in co-production with the Teatro in Drao of Varese.

The meeting is at 9.30 am at the Delio lake, with reservations required subject to availability at the offices and contacts of the Pro Loco.

The activities of the Sacred Valley do not end there. The collection of photographic images on the spiritual aspects of the Veddasca Valley continues until 15 October with a view to civic participation in the project.

You are all invited to send your images of the Valley to participate in a group exhibition: the photographs will be exhibited at the Meeting Point in Maccagno starting from 22 October. You don’t need to be an expert photographer, what matters is your personal vision of the territory.

The exhibition has a symbolic value that indissolubly binds Maccagno and the villages of the Veddasca Valley: the river Giona runs through the valley and ideally brings with it its historical contribution to Lake Maggiore, just as the drive towards a cultural revaluation of the history and traditions of the valley comes from the lake and its tourist importance.

The images on display will then become the starting point for the activities of 2023 with the program of the second phase of the project, which foresees the creation of artistic residencies, in the spring months, for young creatives who will be invited to reinterpret according to their sensitivity what the citizens wanted to express on the spirit of Val Veddasca, bringing their vision and their artistic contribution.

In the summer of 2023, the proposal of new artistic, theatrical and naturalistic itineraries will then resume.

The great interest shown in the proposals of the Sacred Valley itineraries is a source of great satisfaction on the part of the organizers.

The objective of civic participation in the initiatives of the Sacred Valley has been abundantly achieved, also thanks to the expertise of the experts and the variety of events proposed, ranging from a walk in the woods to a theatrical performance, passing through the story of the historical-artistic wealth of the valley.“, He declares the president of the Pro Loco of Maccagno Michele Todiscowhich goes on to thank the operational staff and the effective collaboration with experts and associations.

A big thank you goes to the municipal administration, which supported and sponsored the project, and to the Varese Community Foundation which made it economically feasible as a major supporter. The contribution of the Foundation created the conditions for the complete free of charge of the events for the public, who however generously contributed through the free offer to the events, triggering the virtuous circuit of the gift advocated by the Foundation in support of territorial enhancement projects.

Fundraising for the project is still active on the Varesotto Community Foundation website on the page dedicated to the Sacred Valley and will be available to donors until the end of the project at the end of 2023.

For information on upcoming events you can follow the social pages of Pro Loco Maccagno, the website www.prolocomaccagno.it or you can contact the Pro loco by writing an email to info@prolocomaccagno.it, by calling 0332 562009 or by sending a WhatsApp 351 message 506 1272.

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“The Sacred Valley – Spirituality Itineraries”: cultural and environmental initiatives continue in Val Veddasca