The review. I Teatri del Sacro raises the curtain in Milan

"Small funerals" will be staged in Milan for the Teatri del Sacro review

“Piccoli funerali” will be staged in Milan for the Teatri del Sacro review – Photo by Eugenio Spagnol

Back to Milan The theaters of the sacred with an Offshore review of six shows, including a national premiere, dedicated to research and the anxieties of spirituality, on stage from 11 November to 9 December at the Gregorianum Hall (via Lodovico Settala 27, Milan). The review is promoted by Federgat, in collaboration with Acec, de Sidera – Teatro Oscar, Teatro degli Incamminati and Sala Gregorianum,

The first date is with the debut of Mercy – first study, scheduled for 11 November at 20:30. Thirty young artists question and question the conscience of individuals on the great socio-political changes that are going through our history, drawing inspiration from the Works of Mercy. The show is part of the project Unprotected, promoted by Campo Teatrale. Thursday 17 November in the national premiere goes on stage Lights from the wounds: a diary, the beginning of a journey through the time we have just passed and which we still live: a way of sharing, of exorcising, of being together. Giovanna Mori takes us on a journey where she laughs and cries, the recitation of her singing about her finds and touches the souls of those who listen to her.

For the first time in Milan one of the most evocative shows of recent years Small funerals staged on Friday 25 November. Small It is a hypothesis of Spoon River Anthology curated by Maurizio Rippa. Inspired by Edgar Lee’s famous book Masters ea Postcards from the dead by Franco Arminio, the show does not contain epitaphs but brings to the stage small funerals, through a dramaturgical and musical score that alternates a small funeral rite with a piece dedicated to those who have gone away.

Now a classic thanks to the success decreed by the public is 70 times 7 (staged on 1 December at 20:30) by Collective counter-singing tells the life of two families whose destinies cross in one evening. It tells of the remorse it consumes, of the anger it devours, of the pain it leaves us still, but also of the possibility that the pain inflicted and the pain suffered speak a common language and that the human being behind the guilt can still recognize the man.

Last appointment on December 9th with two shows. At 19 Cooking ranger a show where the practical actions of cooking and catering become a theatrical game, food is transformed into shared music to tell the secret of welcome, the gesture of opening towards the unknown. At 9 pm on stage Jonah a text by Ignazio de Francesco dedicated to Valerio Onida that speaks of the generational clash between father and daughter in Lampedusa: she claims the urgency of a concrete commitment to the evils of the world while he recalls the model of the prophet through the testimony of the Bible and the Koran . Both will come out of the confrontation deeply enriched, changed in some way, however grown up. All these works are the result of a long history. Since 2008, Federgat has been the leader of the initiative of I Teatri del Sacro, a biennial festival that foresees the national premiere of shows focused on the themes of the sacred and contemporary restlessness. This year the cities of Ascoli Piceno and Milan were involved. © REPRODUCTION RESERVED

The review. I Teatri del Sacro raises the curtain in Milan