The recovery of the Sepolcreto chapel inaugurated in Raggiolo

Arezzo, 27 June 2022 – A prestigious historical place fully restored to Raggiolo. The small town of Casentino experienced a day of great celebration with the inauguration of the recovered and renovated Sepolcreto chapel at the end of a particularly ambitious project wanted by the Raggiolo Brigade to build a new place for the promotion of culture and art. and tourism directly in the heart of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. This ceremony was carried out in the presence of numerous authorities and representatives of the institutions, including the honorable Riccardo Nencini (president of the Senate Culture Committee), who with their words and their presence demonstrated the appreciation for an intervention aimed at giving a new life to an architectural asset that is tangible testimony of the history and identity of the local community. «The Sepolcreto chapel is now a pleasant surprise that amazes and annihilates – commented Nencini. –

The recovery of this property refers to the principle of subsidiarity through the synergy between public and private: the excellent work done helps to rediscover Raggiolo’s identity and roots, enhancing the artistic and cultural heritage to make it available to the community again “. The chapel, located in the “Bastia” area, was built in the past centuries on the foundations of the ancient medieval tower that bordered the cistern which, for a period, was used as a burial ground and which in recent decades lay in a state of neglect: its recovery represents the conclusion of a path of many years led by the Raggiolo Brigade which has thus followed up its concrete commitment to enhance the village.

The association, coordinating with the commitment of private individuals, first envisaged a series of interventions outside the chapel through the restoration of the door, the paving of the adjacent square, the donation of the portal and the installation of the lighting. allowed to start proposing the first cultural and recreational activities in this place. The final investment, in agreement with the Diocese of Arezzo-Cortona-Sansepolcro, was aimed at the interior of the Sepolcreto to favor its full use and also its use for artistic and cultural purposes: the intention was to enhance the historicity of the space and, at the same time, to project it towards the future enriching it with the art of the master Carlo Pizzichini (painter, engraver, sculptor, ceramist and teacher at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, with works exhibited in Italy and all ‘abroad).

The master has created a contemporary pictorial work with an emotional effect entitled “Nido di Luce” in which the theme of light introduces the sphere of spirituality through the power of sign and color, giving life to an abstract chromatic synthesis that well accords with the simple and linear forms of the chapel’s architecture. “The full recovery of the chapel of the Sepolcreto – added Franco Franceschini, president of the Raggiolo Brigade, – required a commitment that makes us proud because it allows this place to return with an unprecedented guise to the circuit of Raggiolo’s life, in a harmonious connection between the historicity of the environment and the vision of future projects. Our thanks go to the Diocese for having embraced the project, to the many personalities who participated in the inauguration and, above all, to the master Pizzichini who placed his art at the disposal of a space that embellishes and enriches our village. full of charm, history and wonders “.

The recovery of the Sepolcreto chapel inaugurated in Raggiolo – Cronaca –