The process for 3 new Blesseds from Basilicata is underway: one is from the diocese of Melfi

There Episcopal Conference of Basilicata in a note offers to each and every one the Paternal and fraternal thought with his gaze at the Child of Bethlehem Christ Jesus, in whom only peace, joy and salvation shine.

And he adds:

“We encourage the Synodal Path which is taking place in the Lucanian Dioceses in communion, participation and mission, in line with the Church that is in Italy and the universal Church.

Let us still remember the dear ones in the suffrage prayer:

  • Bishops Msgr. Michele Scandiffio, archbishop emeritus of Acerenza,
  • mgr. Francescantonio Nolè, archbishop of Cosenza-Bisignano, former bishop of Tursi-Lagonegro,
  • as well as the priests of the region who died in recent months.

We formulate the feelings of viva congratulations to His Excellency the Most Reverend Msgr. Young Intini, Apostolic Administrator of Tricarico (MT) and Archbishop-elect of the Archdiocese of Brindisi-Ostuni, together a sincere gratitude for the distinguished episcopal ministry carried out in our Region.

In this autumn, in the sessions of 5 October 2022 and 19 December 2022, the joint activity of the Bishops of the dioceses of Basilicata concentrated heavily on the presence and work of the regional theological centreboth of the ITB of Potenza and of the ISSSR of Matera and Potenza, especially regarding to the new relevant aspects that increase its importance and its highly cultural and formative purpose in the ecclesial and civil panorama of the Region.

Still the focus was also on the constitution of an Administrative Council of the Ecclesiastical Province, which coincides with the Ecclesiastical Region; on theattention to the family and young people with the second year of the training school for family pastoral care workers and with the youth pastoral journey, both ordinary and extraordinary, of preparation for Lisbon World Youth Day next August.

It hasn’t been missed discussion on the problems associated with oil extraction in Valdagri both in relation to the necessity of the work and in relation to the protection of people’s health and the environment.

At the suggestion of the national Caritas, the twinning of Caritas of Basilicata also took place with that of an Eastern nation, for us Georgia, especially for the reception of Ukrainian refugees who take refuge elsewhere due to the terrible situation in their country for the devastating invasion of Russia.

Among the relevant and exciting topics for the life of faith and Christian spirituality in the Region the Conference of Basilicata has definitively given a positive opinion for the introduction of the cause of beatification and canonization

  • of the Servant of God Msgr. Vincent Cozzibishop of Melfi-Rapolla-Venosa,
  • of the Servant of God mother Gemma Nowfounder of the Pious Handmaids of the Mother of God, based in S. Chirico Nuovoin the diocese of Acerenza (PZ),

authorization has already been obtained for both from the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints.

In addition the Conference expressed positive opinion for the introduction of the same lawsuit for:

  • Don Tommaso Latronicopastor of Nova Siri (MT) town, in the diocese of Tursi-Lagonegro.

In Lauria then on October 12, 2022 it was the Lentinian Jubilee Year is open twenty-five years after beatification of the Lucan priest don Domenico Lentini and there the parish church of S. Nicola di Bari was elevated to a diocesan sanctuary, where the mortal remains of the blessed lauriota are kept.

In the sessions of the Conference, all the areas in which the Episcopal Delegations operate in the Region were addressed in an overview and the usual and welcome ministerial presence in the sectors of Catholic Action was always confirmed: attention was also placed on some manifestations of popular piety and on the liturgical vitality of Christian communities.

We are committed to an increasingly capillary closeness to the people of Basilicataalso with the assistance of the Bishops to pilgrimages organized by regional bodies supported by the Conference itself.

Finally, the Bishops of the dioceses of Basilicata noted with gratitude the intense and fruitful collaboration of civil institutions with ecclesiastical juridical persons, for the common good and the cultural and social progress of the dear people of Basilicata”.


(Court Authorization n. 466)

The process for 3 new Blesseds from Basilicata is underway: one is from the diocese of Melfi-Rapolla-Venosa! Here are the details