The painter Travis Taliaferro presents his exhibition “Creative Bridge, beyond the tangible”

A harmonious relationship between symbology, spirituality and the abstract, are elements that can be seen in the exhibition “Creative Bridge, beyond the tangible” by the Panamanian artist Travis Taliaferro.

It is a collection of more than 200 works that are exhibited in the idyllic district of Boquete. The proposal begins with paintings that the author has called “The Hero’s Journey”, which arises as a product of his study of symbols and mythology.

“It is a road with enough symbology so that the observer can interpret it according to his own vision, his degree of knowledge, and his experience. Each one is the hero of his own life, ”he comments.

In the tour of the artist’s works you can also find the section “David versus Goliath”, which he defines as a confrontation between two giants. Taliaferro makes her own interpretation or analogy of this Biblical passage from the Old Testament.

“The moral of this story is that, although David was anointed or chosen at an early age to be the king of Israel, he had to take care of his thoughts, be in his five senses and willing to fight or defeat his own fears to then be worthy of becoming king,” he says.

The tour climaxes in a collection of abstracts “Flashes of Light” and “Generative Power” where he uses different colors, shapes, and depth.

Regarding his technique, the Panamanian artist highlighted that he has painted in oil, acrylic, as well as spray; however, he recognizes that the most predominant is that of the spatulate, with which he achieves the texture in the work.

He says that inspiration can come at any time; Although, he maintains that he shapes his works without there being an apparent reason that inspires him. In his collection there are paintings that he has managed to do in a short time, but you can also appreciate paintings that he has captured over a long period of time.

It should be noted that the international gallery owner and art writer Mara Zafara was present at the opening of the pictorial exhibition, who introduced Travis Taliaferro. In the same way, local authorities, personalities linked to culture, the media, as well as friends, relatives and other brush masters such as Juan Valenzuela gathered.

About Travis Taliaferro

He is a sensitive artist. A young man who is characterized by his faith, hope, charity; but above all for the nobility of his soul, which is undoubtedly reflected in his work. He is a businessman, commercial promoter, triathlete, and also practices gymnastics and martial arts such as taekwondo.

At the age of 12 he painted his first painting; but he assures that the passion for art ran in her veins long before. Now, two decades later, he presents “Creative Bridge, beyond the tangible”, which in his opinion constitutes his professional launch, since it is the first exhibition that he has done individually. Among his goals is to be able to exhibit his works internationally.

The desire to create is one of the deepest of the human soul, he maintains.

The painter Travis Taliaferro presents his exhibition “Creative Bridge, beyond the tangible”